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Assignment # 1

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Submit an article on renewable energy

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As a part of internal assessment, all the students enrolled in 'Renewable Energy Sources' course are required to submit an article on renewable energy technology (should be innovative) not exceeding 1000 words in length on or before 11/11/2010.

Select one topic from, but not limited to, the topics below:
  • Solar thermal /PV systems
  • Wind energy
  • Tidal and wave energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass/ bio-energy
  • Micro-hydro
Component of the article:

The article may include any of the following components:
  • the strength and weakness of an energy source and associated technology
  • statistical information on the electricity generation and actual output by an energy source in recent years, trend of demand, etc.
  • description of any new technology developed associating with the use of these energy sources
  • a case study including design, development or manufacturing of renewable energy
  • study on the setup cost, operating cost and maintenance cost of renewable energy systems and comparison with current electricity price
  • research on governmental/organizational support or restriction on the development of renewable energy systems
  • opposite views on renewable energy development from business sectors
  • issues (e.g. stability, operational issues) related to integration to the conventional power system
  • distributed generation using renewable energy sources
  • rural energy security utilizing renewable energy sources
  • any interesting topic on renewable energy technology...
Submission deadline:

11 November 2010 (Thursday) 5pm latest. Please email the document in word 2003 (.doc) format only. Note that pdf or word 2007 (.docx) format document will not be accepted. You are welcome if you wish to produce a hard copy in addition to the soft copy of your article. Also remember to send a scanned copy of your passport size photograph along with the article.

please submit your articles to:

*Please note that SELECTED ARTICLES will be published as FEATURED ARTICLE on this website!

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Topics For Assignments To Be Announced Soon

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You should expect the dates for your next assignments anytime soon after CAT. Fingers crossed!

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