People involved in the projet are presented in the following table.



First name


Fields of expertise

 Status in the network 
 LSTA Wintenberger OlivierProfessor Extremes, Statistics Project Coordinator
 Copenhagen Univ  Mikosch Thomas Professor Extremes, Models Investigator
 MODAL’X      Bertail PatriceProfessor  Ruin, Food risk Investigator
 LSCE Naveau PhilippeProfessor  Extremes, Climatology Investigator
 UCL Segers YohanProfessor  Extremes, Statistics International Researcher
 Zagreb Univ Basrak BojanProfessor  Extremes, Models International Researcher
 Torun Univ Jakubowski AdamProfessor  Extremes, Random fields International Researcher
 Copenhagen Univ Collamore JeffreyAs.Professor Ruin Probabilities International Researcher
 Ottawa Univ Kulik RafalProfessor  Extremes, Long memory International Researcher
 LSTA Broniatowski MichelProfessor  Extreme, Statistics French Professor
 TSI  Clémençon StephanProfessor  Extremes, Food risk French Professor
 TSI Moulines  EricProfessor  Markov Chains  French Professor 
 IMAG Louhichi SanaProfessor  Point processes French Professor
 MODAL'X Soulier PhilippeProfessor Extremes, Long memory French Professor
 INRA Metarisk Tressou JessicaResearcher Food risk assessment Young Researcher
 ETH Zurich Koch ErwanAs.Professor  Extremes, Climatology Young Researcher
 TSI Sabourin AnneProfessor  Extremes, Climatology Young Researcher
 MODAL'X Zetlaoui MélanieAs.Professor  Food risk assessment Young Researcher
 LPMA Akakbo NathalieAs.Professor  Extremes, Statistics Young Researcher
 CNAM Di Bernardino ElenaAs.Professor  Risk measures Young Researcher
 ANSES Crépet AmelieAs.Professor  Food risk assessment Young Researcher
 INRA Chautru EmilieAs.Professor  Food risk assessment Young Researcher
 Hambourg Univ Drees HolgerProfessor  Extremes, Statistics International Researcher
 Colorado Univ Cooley DanAs.Professor  Extremes, Climatology International Researcher
 UCP Doukhan PaulProfessor  Weak Dependence French Professor
 LPMA Boucheron StephanAs.Professor  Concentration French Professor
 Lyon 1 Fougères Anne-LaureProfessor  Extremes, Statistics French Professor
 MIA Lang GabrielProfessor  Environmental French Professor
 ESSEC Kratz MarieProfessor  Risk measures French Professor
 LJK Prieur  ClémentineProfessor  Multirisk French Professor
 Agro Paris Tech       Bel LilianeProfessor  Extremes, Climatology French Professor
 LPMA Thomas MaudAs.Professor Order statistics PhD Student
 MODAL'X Tillier CharlesPhD Student Ruin, Food risk  PhD Student
 Angers Univ Li  Le PhD Student Extremes, Climatology PhD Student