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September 2nd, 2008:

I just made a collage of some of my recent work. It contains images of code, games, music, and more. Take a look:


May 25th, 2008:

I've been working on a Dreamcast game lately called Pongcast. It's another Pong remake, but this time it is on a video game console. It's the first game for a console that I have made, and I'm proud of my accomplishment. Feel free to download and modify the source, but be sure to give credit to me and the programmer who gave me the code for handling graphics, Stuart Dalton. Also, if you have constructive feedback, I'd like to make improvements, so hit me up -- Later.

March 26th, 2008:

My friend, Robert Kraig, let me borrow an expensive sound card, so I've been putting it to good use. I found a backtrack on the internet and decided to record a little jam. I call it Sound Card Funk -- enjoy! 

February 18th 2008:

I ran my first program on the Dreamcast, today. I didn't write the actual code, however, but I modified the output. I'm really jazzed. It gave me a huge adrenaline rush -- it's been a long time since I've been so enthusiastic about a program. Here's a picture:

January 8th 2008:

I've moved the site here because google is a better host and it's easier to maintain the content. Speaking of content, there is nothing new today, but I added the song, Overload, recently. I'm in a good mood, so I'll probably record another video soon, and I might revisit the game I'm working on, if time permits. I have a busy schedule now-a-days, and I'm going to be taking seventeen units this spring as well as tutoring. Hope everyone is doing well.

Regards,                                                                                            - John