My mom taught me how to sew when I was a little girl.  She used to make dolls and crafts for bazaars to sell, and I always helped her.  My first projects were Barbie Doll clothing!  I started back to sewing when I had to take time off of work and couldn't find what I wanted in department stores.

Friends would ask me to make things for them.  Especially my BBW girls.  They could never find good things in their size.  Costumes were especially hard to find in larger sizes.  so, I ended up purchasing a dress mannequin that could go up to a size 3X!  I started making clothing and costumes for my friends!

I got so hooked, that I converted our dining room into a sewing room.

Another Queen B Creation was born!  We ended up getting a house with a 3rd bedroom I could use just for sewing!  Now I can pretty much make whatever you ask for and most of the time without a pattern.

So I do as the sign says:

What can I make for you?

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