The Evidence

HomeWhat was the actual evidence in this case?

  • A visibly pregnant Laci Peterson vanishes from her home.
  • No signs of a crime can be found anywhere. Except for the bodies, no signs of a crime are ever found.
  • Laci's shoes are found abandoned on the side of the street, 170 feet from her house.
  • Seven days after Laci vanishes, her watch is pawned in Modesto.
  • Another woman is found with Laci's Social Security card.
  • Some time after that Laci's earrings are sold at an auction sale in Oakland.
  • The California Highway Patrol receives a tip that a pregnant woman is being held captive in Tracy, close to Modesto, and is being abused. This is never investigated ("Sightings were not a priority" - MPD).
  • Laci's body turns up four months later, found on the shore of San Francisco Bay (a place where many other bodies have been dumped and not far from Oakland).
  • A bag is found nearby, 'smelling of death' (it was presumably used to move the decomposed body).
  • Her uterus has been cut open by someone unskilled in medical procedures.
  • The fetus and the placenta are both missing.
  • Some distance away across a small bay the body of her child Conner is also found, above the high tide mark.
  • He shows no signs of prematurity, no vernix, no lanugo, no other signs.
  • He is not curled up in the fetal position.
  • He is identified as full term by all witnesses but one.  That witness is himself opposed by all other witnesses, both defense and prosecution, and his theory is soundly rejected by his own medical reference (Jeanty).
  • The fetal cord has been crudely cut.
  • A piece of twine has been double knotted around his neck, not to harm him but seemingly to keep his body wrapped (in a blanket perhaps?) to protect it. 
  • Although Laci was not consuming anything with caffeine in it (her friends report), she was found with caffeine in her system. Conner had none §, implying that she consumed it after he was removed from her body.
  • Laci was found wearing underwear with a heavy wear pattern which shows she had worn it for the whole period of her abduction (which was no more than 111 days: December 23, 2002 to her death sometime before April 14, 2003). 
  • Laci's clothes were also still tied on her body, something which could not happen unless they were retied after the baby was removed. It also shows she was in the water for a day or two at most.
  • It has been claimed that Laci's uterus was at least one week post partum, showing that she lived at least that long after the baby was removed from her body.If she had been drugged, it may be possible this period was two to three weeks.
  • Although Laci's body is simply discarded in the sea, either from the Albany Bulb or more likely from the Richmond Jetty, the body of the baby is carefully laid on the shore at the Richmond Jetty so it can be found and buried. This is clearly the work of someone who cared for the baby.

What part of this does NOT look like a failed fetus napping, where both mother and child have died?

Note: Evelyn Hernandez was 4 days away from giving birth when she also vanished (May 1, 2002) and she also was found in the same bay 84 days later (July 24, 2002). There was no fetus, and her 4 year old son was also missing and has never been found. Was this a first failed attempt at a fetus napping? It is also noted that only skeletal remains of Hernandez were found, putting the lie to Dr Alison Galloway's claims about Laci's body. Actual experts and experiments show that it was impossible for the bodies of Laci and Conner to have been in the bay longer than about 14 days at the very outside. The evidence strongly suggests the actual time was a few days at most for Laci, and Conner was never in the sea

This was the actual trial testimony:

Dr. Brian Peterson, state pathologist, witness for the prosecution.

David Harris, lawyer, prosecuting Scott Peterson.

Brian Peterson: There was a portion of khaki colored trousers in place. And inside the waistband of those there was a brand name of Motherhood. On the laundry label there was a size S. I took to mean small. There were panties beneath the trousers. The brand on those was Jockey, and the size was 7. The buttock portion of the panties was missing. Part of the elastic band around each leg was still in place. With respect to further examination of the trousers, there was a button closure in the front that was still fastened. There was a zipper that was still in place. And in the waistband of the trousers there were draw cords. And those were still in place too.

David Harris: Again, let me go to each, you are talking about these items were in place. Were they in the usual place of wearing?

Brian Peterson: They were.

David Harris: That would include the underwear as well?

Brian Peterson: That's correct.

David Harris: You can continue.

Brian Peterson: The crotch portion of the trousers was shredded, and had been basically reduced to a number of tangled fibers. To my eye, within these fibers, were a number of round to oval stony deposits, mineral deposits. These were materials that I also saw on the x-rays. So that was actually within the fibers remaining of the pants. The front of the panties was also intact. As I said, the rear portion was missing. The front was still intact, along with the bands around the legs. And that was basically it in terms of clothing.

This sort of wear is only caused by time. So we are either to believe that Laci Peterson, a woman known for trying for perfection, put on a completely worn out pair of underwear that evening to go out, or, that someone undressed her, changed her underwear for a worn out pair and then redressed her. It is much easier to conclude the obvious, that Laci Peterson wore these out herself over a period of weeks. This could not have happened in the sea by 'rubbing against rocks' or similar since the prosecution theories all hung on the notion that the limbs were weighted down, holding the body face down for 111 days. Clearly this one piece of evidence alone eliminates her husband.

Further, the fact that the seat was completely gone while the front was intact shows that extended wear took place over a long period. That can only suggest that Laci had no other underwear to use. This is conclusive proof that Laci survived long enough for Conner to grow in size and, as he was a full term baby, proof that eliminates her husband.

§ Implicitly, since the prosecution didn't bother to test it.