Scott Peterson is Innocent 

Some information to support this position 

Update: Read the appeal brief here (Link)

The Evidence
What happened to the 'mountain of evidence'? Why was none of it presented at trial? (2 minutes to read)
Updated 19 July 2008.

The prosecutor's case?
What actual evidence was presented against the defendant? (2 minutes to read)
Updated November 26, 2010

The bodies and the bay are proof of innocence, not guilt
Why the location of the bodies actually proves that Scott is innocent, not guilty, apart from all other factors.  (2 minutes to read)

Fetal and other abductions
Do fetal abductions occur? A list of known cases. (3 minutes to read)

An Example of a Fetal abduction
The terrible experience of one woman who was abducted for her fetus

Baby Kidnappings
Kidnappings of babies after birth

Some example cases
A Paper

The Odds
The prosecution postulated a case based on a some remarkable occurrences.
What are the odds that all of them were true? (Several minutes to read)
Updated August 6, 2007

The Assumptions
The prosecution postulated a case based on a remarkable number of assumptions.
Almost all of them were unproven or inherently wrong.  (Several minutes to read)
Updated 19 July 2008

The Jury
How to explain the jury verdict, a verdict not based on evidence.

Why was Peterson almost universally considered to be guilty despite the evidence?
According to The Barna Group, "Americans Are Most Likely to Base Truth on Feelings".
Could this explain it? (External link)

Was Scott a 'sociopath'? Many have claimed he must be, but no such diagnosis has been made by any competent professional.

Victim's family wanted death penalty
That's what Peterson got — with world of publicity

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