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I am a Graduate Student in University of Cincinnati, Mechanical Engineering department. I am working as a graduate research student of Dr. Sam Ananad, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)Laboratory, MINE department (    I did my bachelors from National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology, India. While pursuing by bachelor, I was involved in some research work under the guidence of Prof. M.K.Tiwari, now in Dept. of Industrial Engineering & Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India ( 

My research work is mainly related to FMS modeling under dynamic situations, Suppler selection, Information retrieval, Application of Artificial Intelligence in various areas. 

Contact Information

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

University of Cincinnati, USA-45220

contact info: 513-556-4176 (office), 704-724-8607 (mobile)


Research Interests

  • FMS modeling

  • Supply chain management

  • Analysis of FMS under dynamic environment

  • Sequencing and scheduling

  • Knowledge based management

  • Information Retrieval

  • Corporate memory

  • Tolerance Analysis & Synthesis

  • Fuzzy Logic 

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in various areas of optimization


International Journals:

  • Anoop Prakash, Nitesh Khilwani, M.K.Tiwari, and Yuval Cohen, “Modified immune algorithm for job selection and operation allocation problem in Flexible manufacturing system”, Advances in Engineering Software, Vol. 39(3), Mar. 2008, pp. 219-232.
  • Nitesh Khilwani, Anoop Prakash, Ravi Shankar, and M.K.Tiwari, “Fast Clonal Algorithm”, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (EAAI), Vol. 21(1), Feb 2008, pp. 106-128.
  • Anoop Verma, and M.K.Tiwari, "Role of corporate memory in Global Supply Chain Environement", International Journal of Production Research(IJPR), in press
  • Anoop Prakash, Ravi Shankar, and M.K.Tiwari, "Machine Loading Problem in FMS: An Adaptive Hierarchical Ant Colony Based Optimization Approach", Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing(JIM), published online,
  • Anoop Prakash, and M.K.Tiwari, “Effect of machine flexibility on the performance of FMS subjected to frequent breakdown, Submitted to International Journal of Production Research(IJPR), under review,
  • Andrew Kusiak, Anoop Prakash, and M.K.Tiwari, "Minimization of Time risk in online bidding: An Adaptive information retrieval based Approach", with Prof. Andrew Kusiak for critical assessment and thereafter it will be communicated


  • Nitesh Khilwani, Anoop Prakash, Yogesh Dashora, and M.K.Tiwari, "Using Fast Immune Search to Solving the Complexities of Machine Loading Problems in an FMS", Accepted for publication in Intelligent Manufacturers Leaders Forum (IMLF) Taiwan conference, September 2006. [Abstract]

Contributed Books/Book Chapters:

  • Anoop Prakash, Nagesh Shukla, Ravi Shankar, M.K.Tiwari, "Solving Machine Loading Problem of FMS: An Artificial Intelligence based Random Search Optimization approach", Chapter 2, Handbook on Computational Intelligence Manufacturing and Production Management, Idea Group Publishing. (Edited by Dipal Laha & Purnendu Mandal) 

Ongoing Work:  

  • Selection of optimal cost function and tolerance allocation problem in concurrent Engineering: A Fuzzy decision making approach, to be completed
  • Exploring Data mining techniques to solve the uncertainties of modern manufacturing systems, to be completed  
  • Information retrieval system: A manufactuirng system perspective, to be completed