The Quasi-Ordered Thoughts of an Idiot



Through the years I've written a few small poems.  If I can round them all up, I'll put them on here, maybe highlighting a different one every now and then.

Most of the poems posted here were written in one sitting and never revisited or edited.  I welcome comments or suggestions, good or bad.  The comments may just help me to refine the poems to the point of being good.  Just email me (address on the main page).

I'll leave the Toasts up for a while longer.

Murphy Toasts

By PintofStout

Join me Lads & Lasses

And raise your pint glasses

This toast should not be missed.

Hurry! Before we’re pissed.

To what are we drinking this fine occasion?

Ah Ha! Here’s to yourself then!



Here’s a toast for health

Here’s a toast for cheer

Here’s a toast for no other reason

But to drink more beer!



May you live a life long and joyful

May your nights be warm and your days be bright

May the treasures of life to you be shown

And may the road rise up to meet you

If you should to pass out on the way home.


May your eyes sparkle gaily

May your smile shine brightly

And may your wife not be angry

If you drink in the pub nightly.


Here’s to the sunshine

That warms the Earth we live on.

Here’s to the moonshine

That warms everything else.


Listen, Friends, gather near

Let’s raise our glasses and cheer

For all our friends who are not here

Let our friendship be the beacon

Returning them to our embrace sincere!