Ireland Tour 2008

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words; So This Should Take a Minimum of 7 - 8 Tops!

The Good News Is…I’m Not on the No-Fly List

 Following the link in the title just above this paragraph will take you to the blog write-up of the trip that the following pictures are from.  It is a long and detailed recalling of the trip, but still incomplete without the visuals.  I'll try to elaborate on the pictures when I can and order them, at least, by the day so the verbal and the visual can be followed along together.  Without further ado:


Wednesday, January 16, 2008 

Traveling is the least fun part of...well,traveling.  (Top left picture shown a distant cousin of my blog, whose family came over to build the railroads.) 





 The Cliffs of Mohr; careful they're cliffs!



I should have got out my rock lens for scale!

The water was blown a few hundred feet vertically by the crazy winds!


This was just down the road from the cliffs.  It gets a little windy.  Notice the trailer at this ferry station is tied down to the rocks behind it.


 Just a random tower-thingy looking all picturesque and stuff.




   A pretty typical sight; soft green rolling landscape and some furry cows (sheep can also be substituted).

Our first pint on the island.  I thought it was quite good (mine is the one in the foreground).

The next few pics are of the Burren.  I often thought this was some different name meaning barren, but I never looked it up.  In this one the Burren meets the sea.

The Burren meets the land (in the background) while some folks met their fate (in the foreground).

Again, I need the rock lens for scale.  Some of these crevices took large steps to cross, if that is any help.








 Not a whole lot to see in the Guinness Storehouse 





The cooper exhibit was my second favorite part of the tour






 It was all staged real nice.  Frankly, what else are you going to do, they just make beer there, right?






Well, not just any beer....








Inside the beautiful Mercantile pub where we lunched.  I lied in the blog post.  I didn't have Guinness here; I went with Stella instead.

The view down the Liffey from the Ha-Penny Bridge


Our one shot of the General Post Office, site of the Easter Rebellion in 1916.  The rebellion was initially unsuccessful and all seven signatories of the Declaration of Independence were executed by firing squad; one man, James Connelly was tied to a chair and shot since he was wounded and too weak to stand.  There are several bullet scars on the columns and face of the building from this event.  It did start a chain of events that lead to Irish Independence, though.  We have mostly video here, sorry. 





 The view we awoke to at Mount Juliet Estates, south of Kilkenny.  Notice the flooding from the unusual amounts of rain (even for Ireland, according to the locals we talked to).


 The sign above the door at the end of the alley says "E. Smithwick and Sons Limited."  This is where Smithwicks is brewed.

This is a look at the main street running through Kilkenny.  Notice the Christmas lights are still up above the street, and there were various decorations hanging from some of the light poles.




A fairly typical side street.  Things are so bloody grey and overcast in Ireland, they paint their houses in bright happy colors to battle the depressing weather.



 The next two pictures are views of Kilkenny Castle from the bridge over the river (below) and the river walk on the same bank as the castle.









    Sunday took us to the Dingle Peninsula.  This first one is looking across Dingle Bay from somewhere around Inch.  Our picture output is much less now since we put in our new memory card that was lost with the camera in at Kilkenny.   These are all from my film camera.


Another typical pastoral view; it never really got old. 




  Yeah, it's recurring...




From a beach on Dingle Bay.  (All shots of Dingle Bay are from the south side of the Dingle Peninsula, the North shore of the Bay.)






 At the same beach.





 Random coastline along the Atlantic.




 This didn't get old either.





 Neither did this....

nor this. 




  This is Cleegan in Connemara.




 This is the view from Cleegan.




 This is Tom, my transportation once in Cleegan.  This poor old horse worked overtime that day hauling around my 17.5 (or so) stones.



 Blue water and blue skies (somewhat) graced our day outside the car.




 The Kylemore Abbey






In it's natural habitat

 A general idea of Connemara terrain taken from the Abbey.




And again...(this time with a nice glacial valley and a hanging cirque valley just to the left out of site)




 And again... 




 How about a song?  Oh row the rattlin' bog...


 The bog down in the valley-o




  Hey, at least it's not the Unicorn or Danny Boy 

 "They were so poor, they burned DIRT!"  

Well, it's peat anyway.  You can see where they were...harvesting? mining?...cutting the peat in the previous bog pictures, but I was too busy singing to say so.



Racing the daylight again...




 Another recurring theme


Tuesday consisted of us driving the Ring of Kerry in pretty substantial rain and eventually fog.  There are a lack of pictures of this for several reasons: 1. What pictures we did get with the digital camera are lost; 2. What pictures D__ may have shot have not been passed our way yet; and finally, 3. If we did get pictures they looked a lot like this


Wednesday we visited the Bunratty Castle, which was much more fascinating than we all thought it would be, and then flew home.  There is a lack of pictures from this day for the same reasons sited in Tuesday excuses # 1 and #2.  We could add to those excuses the exhaustion and lack of desire to do anything, let alone take pictures of the worst part of the trip (see last Wednesday).

I hope you can enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.  Slainte`!