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Updated 9/24/08  Updated to a new poem about, surprisingly, being outdoors.



 Welcome to the page of Anonymous.Trout, a.k.a. PintofStout, a.k.a. Jeff.  I'm not really sure who I am anymore...

I work as a GIS Technician using ESRI's ArcView to create maps and databases of Western PA infrastructure.  I enjoy being creative and learning the technical aspects of relational databases.  While trapped in my cubical in the CAD cave, I usually read various anarchist websites and weblogs, write little ditties for my blog, or do the work I'm there for.

I have a long, long history of no ambition.  I pretty much just drifted along upon the currents of life, not caring a whole lot where it took me.  By some miracle, I graduated from the Physics and Astronomy Department at Youngstown State University while spending waaayyy too much time in a bathrobe.  Well, some years you can never get back. 

Now, I still don't have much ambition and my attentions have turned to the philosophical, which is what most of my writing is about.  I don't want to try and seem self-important with a blog and a website, but I do like the thought of mass communicating.   Since I don't do actual verbal conversation well and don't really write too badly, this is the medium I choose.  Between some of the poetry I've written, the blog posts, and, hopefully, some fiction soon, there should be enough to read to keep it interesting for longer than this introduction.

My intention is to keep this sight relatively non-political, though that may be tough at times.  My blog is where I rant and ruminate upon society.  Some politics may bleed in through a story or two, but I won't count those as being political.  So, with those loose guidelines, hopefully this will be a joyful place to hang out and read. 


The site is still under construction.  Any suggestions, questions, comments, donations?  Email me @