Cheap Fake Sunglasses

cheap fake sunglasses
  • (sunglass) a convex lens that focuses the rays of the sun; used to start a fire
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323. Wife Beater
323. Wife Beater
Seems like tutorials is the way to go for the 365 crowd these days. So today I got a little tutorial for you. How to blend in with the backpacker crowd: 1. Get yourself the right outfit. That means silly panama hat, fake ray-ban sunglasses in a horrible color, a sleeveless/tank top/wifebeater preferably with the logo of a local beer on (I failed on this one, and bought mine on H&M). Fisherman's pants and flip-flops is not shown in the picture. 2. Get yourself a plane ticket to South East Asia (or Paradise as the long term backpackers call it). 3. Walk around in the city complaining about how fucking hot it is. Make sure you look like you own the world. 4. Be sure to show off your British/Nordic tan, and be careful with the sun cream, you do want a proper sun burn to brag about when you get back home. 5. Do not under any circumstance try to be a part of the local culture. They should learn from you, not the other way around. 6. Spend all daytime sleeping in on the hostel room or on the closest beach. If there is no beach spend your time in the local shopping center, or in other air-con zones. 7. Spend your nights in the local backpacker club. You can easily locate these by the touts standing outside offering you free shots, and cheap beer and buckets (That is booze served in a beach bucket). Make sure that there is other people in the same uniform as you inside. You do not want local people to be around. Binge drink your heart out, dance on anything that is higher than you, like the table, the bench, the bar counter or the pool table. Fall down some times, so you have some wounds to show for, so you can tell other backpackers "Man, you should have been there, it was the best night ever!" 8. Cultural experiences is something you do during daytime now and then, so you have something you can tell your parents and your future employer about when you get back home. That way they won't think you have just boozed and beached your way through Asia. You do after all do this backpacking stuff to show how independent and cool you are, and it looks awesome on your CV. 9. Go home and tell everybody how great it is to be an independent traveler and how much new knowledge and insight you have gained the last couple of months. Everyone will look up to you for surviving in that strange part of the world all by yourself. Tell your friends about the awesome bars, and the dead cheap booze, and how amazing the full moon party was, and how you shagged that gorgeous, drunk chick out in the ocean. Tell your parents about how nice the food is over there, and how the Buddhist way of living have taught you a lesson about life, and that Angkor Wat do look awesome in sunrise. 10. Lean back and enjoy respect both from your friends and your family. PS: Ladies (and gentlemen), what is the current vote on sleeveless on men? Here in Norway it has always been a big NO! but I see a lot of regular guys begin to wear them this summer. I find it kinda comfy, and it's awesome for training Capoeira in, and I think they are kinda cool. But... Is it HOT or NOT? Strobe: 430EXII camera right, fired through softbox @1/8 directly at subject. Silver reflector subject left. Cheers, Jorn, teaching you backpacking
CHALLENGE 3: Luna Helene Shopping in St. Tropez
CHALLENGE 3: Luna Helene Shopping in St. Tropez
The 3rd week of the International Fashion Royalty Jet Set Diva contest. The invitation reads: "You're cordialy invited to: St. Tropez's shopping triangle.. Place de Licas-Rue Gambetta-Rue Allard Dresscode: Le Blanc Canvas" Luna was extremely happy about the chance to shop and find something new for the next challenges, because she had left for Riviera in such a hurry that she hadn't got to pack much. Luna didn't care much for the clothing suggestions for this week's challenge. She still doesn't care for sunglasses, and a scarf would have blocked the view to her lace top that has been made by her favourite designer Rolando DeMarco. It's from the Sheep in Wolf's Clothing collection, and as Rolando's favourite model Luna gets those clothes super cheap. Luna wanted to be a "romantic rock star goddess" for this challenge, so she borrowed her cousin Epona's HJ Couture pants and clutch that are made of plum coloured fake leather. She liked the bright red jacket her friend Tanya wore to the first challenge so much, that she got a similar jacket to pair it with matching red pumps. The jacket and pumps were both Jason Wu designs or by someone as fabulous. Luna had tied her hair into a rock star bump and spiced the ensemble with a load of jewelry. Oh, her friend? Well, that was Oskar Lumi, an old family friend from Trolliwood, who Aunty Thalia had made to be Luna's shopping companion in St. Tropez. They visited this glamorous hat and bag shop when the lurking paparazzi jumped from behind the racks and started photographing! As a model and actress Luna is so used to them, that she immediately took a graceful pose as she went through the assortment. They got so many good poses by Luna, that they found it extremely difficult to choose the best photo! She's a natural born poser. Oskar is just a friend to Luna, but of course the journalists were going to write their own story about this event, too. It made Luna wonder though: maybe she really should finish it with her viking of a boyfriend and take along someone who would be ready to carry her purse during her shopping trips? That is certainly what Aunty Thalia wanted.

cheap fake sunglasses