Welcome to Anomalous Propagation (AnoProp). Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.

We are progagating in an anomalous fashion!

Anomalous Propagation (AP) refers to false radar echoes usually observed when calm, stable atmospheric conditions, often associated with super refraction in a temperature inversion, direct the radar beam toward the ground.

So there.

The origin of the domain has its roots in the City of Jacksonville, FL. We were sitting around one evening, and the local weather man was describing some beautiful weather.  As he panned to the East over the Atlantic Ocean, he pointed to an area of "precipitation" and stated, "This is just an anomalous propagation...".  I immediately proclaimed that I, too, am little more than an anomalous propagation, and immediately took it upon myself to lay claim to the domain.

We now have moved to Sarasota County, FL for the warmer weather and sugar-like beaches of the Gulf Coast. Which is an anomaly in itself, as no one here is a "beach person". But we still like it here.