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Anoka Squadron Store

Store will be open 1800-1900 Tuesday evenings

mailto:anoka.cap.logistics@gmail.com Please Enter the words "ANOKA STORE" in the subject line to pass our SPAM filter. Emails without those words will be deleted!

Below is a listing of all the items we stock for sale. If we do not currently have your item please contact the Anoka Parent Group for a bulk Vangaurd Order. If you wish to verify your items number or to place your own order with Vanguard Please click here: Vanguardmil.com

Please fill out the form in the left hand column with the items you look up from the inventory on the right. Items marked in red are currently out of stock and items in blue are currently discounted. 
Make sure you fill out your name, email and CAP ID If you are requesting more than 5 items please submit an additional form and or use the above Email link to the Logistics Officer.
Finally please make sure you click "Submit".
Orders received By Sunday night will be pulled and ready for pickup by the end of opening formation. Orders received after the cutoff will be processed during the remainder of the Store's normal hours, as time allows. Please look for your email confirmation for your total and additional information.

General Logistics Request Form