Writers Poets and Authors

June Gossler Anderson 
June facilitates the Sandhill Writers Group and is a rotating witer for the Anoka Union's History Column. Her newest novel, The Shaman Stone, published by Grannygirl Press, was released in April of 2010. Check the Grannygirl website for a synopsis. She is available to book clubs and other groups.                     
Grannygirl Books--bridging the age gap
Grannygirl Books are interest related not age related. The mission of Grannygirl Books is to publish books that are as enjoyable and interesting for adults to read as they are for teens and preteens.  A good book should, first of all, tell a good story, but also, it should not be an empty vessel. It should be filled to the brim with content, appealing to the reader, whatever the age. Grannygirl believes the protagonist should be of an age best suited to tell the story and not necessarily  determine the age of the reader. 
A complete listing of Grannygirl Books, along with synopsis, can be found on the website. Bon appetit. Enjoy.
Tracey Cramer-Kelly
Tracey Cramer-Kelly and her husband live in small-town Minnesota with their two children where they enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds. Although she spends most days managing their business, Leader MotorSports,  Tracey's background includes a helicopter pilot license and a stint as an Army Reserve medic.
Information about her fiction novel, Last Chance Rescue, can be found on her website.

Cheri Andrews
Blessed with both a college education and a strong creative ability, Cheri Andrews utilizes writing as a creative escape from her career in the healthcare field. Focusing on her life experience as a Christian and mother of a young teenager, Cheri strives to provide not only an entertaining read, but a positive tool to help guide young teens through the multitude of challenges and decisions they'll face as they mature into adulthood.