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Table Flowers Arrangements

table flowers arrangements
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table flowers arrangements - Flowers for
Flowers for the Table: Arrangements and Bouquets for All Seasons
Flowers for the Table: Arrangements and Bouquets for All Seasons
Filled with lush seasonal arrangements, Flowers for the Table is the perfect guide to creating a gorgeous centerpiece for any celebration or gathering. What makes floral designer Ariella Chezars work so distinctive is her utterly contemporary approach. In the 24 stunning arrangements included, she demonstrates how to fashion centerpieces out of flowers, branches, fruits, fabrics, and unusual flea market treasures. A brunch tabletop is crowned with delicate white bouquets of clematis, ranunculus, lilies, and anemones. An abundance of roses, amaryllis, and berries festooned with ribbons sets the stage for an intimate dinner party. And the hot pinks, reds, and yellows of winter poppies in silk-swathed vases warm the room for a winter cocktail party. From sleek modern arrangements to more traditional bouquets, theres something for every sensibility. Full-color photographs, an introduction to each season and the flowers and greenery available, a glossary for each section, and countless tips make this the ultimate guide to creating magnificent table arrangements.

These are not your mother's flower arrangements. Ariella Chezar throws out old rules about greenery and focus points and presents us with a wealth of new gifts to decorate our homes. Her ideas incorporate a few classics like roses and peonies, but also make use of grapes, persimmons, olive branches, and Asian eggplants; what they all have in common is a lush beauty and sense of ripeness that add a feeling of real bounty to the rooms they adorn.
After a short introduction covering general techniques and container recommendations, Flowers for the Table takes you through the seasons. Spring is surprisingly sophisticated, rather than more traditionally pastel, featuring unusual checkered lilies and vibrant ranunculus. Summer brings a stunning "tomato feast," with tomatoes of all sorts twining their vines with tiny red roses. Fall lights up with golden calla lilies and orange peppers, while winter charms with succulents and kumquats. Each section comes to a close with a short glossary of the materials used, helpful if you're unfamiliar with such items as Chinese lanterns or euphorbia.
Containing a mellow mix of stunning photography and straightforward suggestion, Flowers for the Table will give you both inspiration and specific direction whether you're planning a wedding or just looking to dazzle your dinner guests. --Jill Lightner

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DSC0709 flower arrangement.jpg
 DSC0709 flower arrangement.jpg
One of Eileen's flower arrangements for the Dye House tables. All the Dye House flowers were from our garden. (Jane: thanks for helping!)
Sign in table flower arrangement with feathers
Sign in table flower arrangement with feathers
Blooms and Kisses created this entry floral arrangement. Roses, cymbidium orchids, and ostrich feathers.

table flowers arrangements