Lavender Flower Bouquets : Baby Balloon Bouquets.

Lavender Flower Bouquets

lavender flower bouquets
    lavender flower
  • (Lavender Flowers) Lavender Flowers are an aromatic that stimulates and cleanses the skin.
  • An essential oil with a light floral scent. Has a calming effect, with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • An attractively arranged bunch of flowers, esp. one presented as a gift or carried at a ceremony
  • An expression of approval; a compliment
  • A characteristic scent, esp. that of a wine or perfume
  • (bouquet) a pleasingly sweet olfactory property
  • (bouquet) an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
  • (Bouquet (wine)) The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine.
lavender flower bouquets - Lucite Flower
Lucite Flower Cabochons Two Tone Lavender Pink And White Posies Bouquet 16mm (4)
Lucite Flower Cabochons Two Tone Lavender Pink And White Posies Bouquet 16mm (4)
Vintage Style Cabochons. Two Tone Matte Lavender Pink And White. 4 Posies Bouquet Cabochons. Lucite cabochons in a carved flower bouquet shape. Flat back cabochon beads, suitable for gluing into bezel settings, onto flat back bails, even directly on to fabric. There are many suitable adhesives - one that we recommend is E6000. Cabochon beads have a flat back and are not drilled. Please check dimensions to make sure they will fit your project. Each plastic cabachon measures approximately 16mm across and, 8mm High. Quantity: 4 Cabochons

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Flowers from Sarah
Flowers from Sarah
My 2 year old daughter picked me a bouquet of lavender and one lonely daisy. Too precious :)
Lavender Flower Bouquet
Lavender Flower Bouquet
Here is but a glimpse of a field of Mexican wild petunias that is plentiful here in Laredo.

lavender flower bouquets