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Annual Flowers For Containers

annual flowers for containers
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annual flowers for containers - Coleus: Rainbow
Coleus: Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens
Coleus: Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens
Coleus are no longer your grandmother's parlor plants. Favourites during the Victorian era, these plants have made a dramatic comeback with a dazzling variety of leaf color, shape, and pattern. No other plant is so easy to grow and propagate. Their sumptuous colors and tough constitution make coleus ideal both as attention-getting focal points and as complements to other foliage or flowering plants. In this lavishly illustrated volume, expert plantsman Ray Rogers offers equal parts of design inspiration and practical advice. The heart of this book is an encyclopedia that describes and evaluates more than 225 varieties.

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annual planters for the back stoop
annual planters for the back stoop
blue wave petunias and one of my favorite flowers: Celosia. Can't remember what red&green one is. correction, the one in front is Hypoestes, got all the plastic labels mixed up, we have a ton from this last round of planting!
Columbine Design container
Columbine Design container
Columbine Design annual container for Daniels Fund building in Cherry Creek, Denver Colorado.

annual flowers for containers
annual flowers for containers
"Peony Double Blend" Poppy Seeds Heirloom Seeds 600 Seeds
Annual. Blooms in late spring. 2'-3' tall. Full sun. If you think Oriental Poppies are eye-catching, just wait until you see the ruffled explosion of color from Peony Poppies! These fully double 4-5" colorful poppies (red, red striped, pink, pale rose, salmon, cream, and white to dark purple) would look at home in the formal gardens of a French Chateau or jazzing up a flower border along your front sidewalk. They are just as easy to grow as single poppies and will be reward you with a bounty of blooms for cut flowers and pods for dried arrangements. If seed heads are left standing, plants may reseed and come up again the following year. When to plant outside: Mild climates: sow in early fall for winter & early spring color.