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Flower Girl Dresses 18 Months

flower girl dresses 18 months
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flower girl dresses 18 months - Month by
Month by Month a Year Goes Round
Month by Month a Year Goes Round
Bursting with catchy rhymes and vibrant illustrations, these two sturdy-stock picture books are the perfect way to introduce young children to the days of the week and the months of the year. Knowing the names of the days and months can help children feel more comfortable with their family, day-care, and preschool schedules. The rhythmic, child-oriented text repeats the names in clever fashion, to make learning effortless and fun. Designed to give the feeling of joy and motion, each spread concentrates on a different day or month--from the scrunching, crunching snow-filled cold of January and February to the sizzle and pop of July and August; from the rise and shine hurry of Monday to the yawns and giggles of Sunday. Young children will see how their own families, friends, and activities make each day and month special.

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One year, seven months (18/365)
One year, seven months (18/365)
+1 in comments! So, today (well, yesterday since this is a late-ish upload) was Jimmy and I's anniversary. To be honest, a lot of the time neither of us really keep track and end up forgetting sometimes until like halfway through the day, and then one of us will be like "wait a minute.... happy anniversary!" Haha, which is totally fine with me, because I don't think how long we've been together really has any bearing on how happy we are. But occasionally, it's nice when one of us remembers and does something sweet for the other one. Today, Jimmy bought me flowers :) And then we played Alan Wake. Which is super awesome. Has anyone else played Alan Wake yet? Thoughts? (Don't give anything away, though... I only just finished Episode 1!) I hate taking pictures in the same place everyday (I wish there was a nice blank wall somewhere in my house...) so I end up utilizing all sorts of weird places. To reach that window, I was literally standing on the top of my couch, haha. Also, I got PAID TODAY!! Which, although my job kinda blows, makes up for it a little bit. A nice $448 paycheck for two weeks is pretty lovely to me, because it means that I can go do more fun things, go on trips, develop film, buy camera supplies, buy clothes, and most importantly.... START RENOVATING MY PHOTO STUDIO! THEN I can make myself a nice blank wall if I want :)
18 month girls
18 month girls
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flower girl dresses 18 months