Integrating Google Maps

Within Google Sites, we have 3 ways to integrate a Google Maps. With the iframe code given by Google Maps, with a Google Gadget containing Google Maps API and using a Static Maps. 
Google Maps, iframe code 
The easiest way to integrate a Maps is to use Google Maps. We get a code to embed, like this :
<iframe width="800" height="450" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"
&s=AARTsJoERmiSUDc8 L4YqP7WO7U9ZWdGQFw&ll=46.461098,6.36500&spn=0.020693,0.036455&z=14&output=embed
 As Google Sites doesn't allow the iframe, we use a Google Gadget which just insert the iframe :
800 x 900 (max)

Using the src attribute as File parameter of the Gadget, we get the Maps :
We can change the value of the parameters, to get the result we need.

A Blog on a Map

We can geolocalize a Blog, using Blogger, and create a Map using the Google Gadget :
Once the gadget is inserted in the blog, we can copy the src value of the iframe. Using the same gadget as above, it's easy to insert the Map in Google Sites :
Google Gadget containing Google Maps API
With Google Maps API inside a Google Gadget, we don't need to sign up for a Google Maps API key. I use this Gadget to insert a maps :
800 x 620 (max)

 The Maps : Chamoson Valais Suisse
A Static Maps
A Static Maps is just an image which is the copy of a Google Maps. Using the Wizard, it's easy to generate a Maps :

Plan Chamoson - Google Maps

Chamoson - Google Street View
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