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Roman Catholic Church: Old Views and Perspective of Change
Vatican II opened a new door not just to the clergy and the religious but also to the laymen. In the Philippine setting, PCP II or the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines made a shift from the usual and advocated lay empowerment.

Today, as we journey to changing the face of the Church, we should understand what is happening now and begin to accept that the popular views of being a Church and being Catholic has drastically evolved.

The Economics of the Catholic Church
Before we start, we have to define the terms Religion and Church. The word religion means an organized system of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. The Church is defined as an ecclesiastical organization. For a church to exist, the elements of administration and organization should be present. We will try to explain the Roman Catholic Church and its' parallelism to Economics.

The Catholic Church is operating on a monopoly. Being a monopoly, it is a single powerful firm with the Pope as the CEO. Like any firm, the CEO makes it sure that he performs two things, first, to make sure that all its' products and staff contains or performs the label 'Catholic'.  The other task is to make sure that it gives the best services especially to it's prime service which is the Liturgy. 
The Catholic Church may not be considered as one of the Fortune 500 companies, because its' funds are non taxable and cannot be considered as profit or income, but still it is the most powerful institution in the Universe to date. 

Religious sisters769,142
Religious brothers55,057
Diocesan and religious priests405,178
Lay Ecclesial Ministers30,632
Permanent deacons27,824
Seminarians (men studying for the priesthood)110,583
Institutions Number
Parishes and missions 408,637
Primary and secondary schools 125,016
Universities 1,046
Hospitals 5,853
Orphanages 8,695
Homes for the elderly and handicapped 13,933
Dispensaries, leprosaries, nurseries and other institutions 74,936
Total 638,116



Diocese of Novaliches

The Bishop of Novaliches

St. Peter Parish: One of the many Catholic Churches in the Philippines

St. Peter Parish is one of the fifty nine parishes under the Diocese of Novaliches. Even though it is one of the 59 and one of the hundreds  Churches in the Philippines, St. Peter Parish is widely operating on the basis of Vatican II and PCP II which is lay empowerment. 

On the periphery, one would observe that St. Peter is just one of the usual Churches which offer sacramental services to its' parishioners or even to visitors. But as we go further its' core, one would understand the significance of how this Parish Church has evolved from the usual.
The Parish Priest of St. Peter

Sometime in October

A few days after i finished College, I went to my aunt's and asked her if she could hire me. Reason: I don't want to bum around.But then, that decision turned out to be a wrong one. I was totally unhappy. It was like a bad dream that i never want to remember. I didn't like the people. I didn't like the route going there. I didn't like the ambiance. I didn't like the issues. i didn't like everything. One thing kept me there --- Having a laptop and an expedition and jaguar driving me home. But will that make me happy? Am i happy being sort of a slave? Am I happy not being able to practice my expertise and all? I think no.

So one evening after work, I went to St. Peter Parish for a meeting. That night Fr. Tony treated me out for dinner and we had red wine. I was with three other girls who are working for St. Peter Parish. He asked me if i would take the job as the marketing officer of St. Peter Parish Columbary. He offered me a salary higher than what I'm getting from aunt's business. Then I wanted something higher than his offer. He said yes, and we had a deal.

The next day, i went to the parish and talked to Father Tony. He gave me few a days to decide. I went back to work and talked to my aunt and quit my job.

November 3, 2008

I started working for the Parish.
My position: Marketing officer of St. Peter Parish Columbary.
My tasks are as follows:

  1. Finish the Inventory
  2. Do the Marketing Plan
  3. Do the Marketing Paraphernalias
  4. Do a Proposal  regarding the Columbary being an investment opportunity.
  5. Performs such other duties as the Parish Priest may assign to me from time to time.

My Accomplishments from Novemeber to December:

1) Finished the Inventory of Niches

             It took us 2 weeks to finish the inventory. It was a hard task since the Columbary management was just transferred from the Old  to the New Parish management last august 2008. There were a lot of flaws upon the turnover. The files dont match the actual inventory. Nevertheless, amidst the discrepanies, we were able to finish our tasks.

2) Bought office supplies, a fax machine and a printer

3) Did a Marketing Plan

           The MarketingPlan.doc consists of the following:

  1. Current Marketing Situation (Cremation as endorsed by the Church, The Columbary Market, The Global Trend, The Philippine Market, Mortality rate, Columbary versus Ground Burial, Columbary amidst Urbanization, Columbary as an Investment Opportunity,
  2.  SWOT Analysis (Internal assessment & external assessment)
  3. Opportunity & issues Analysis (Columbary as an investment opportunity, A worthwhile donation that is appreciating in value, A worthwhile donation that guarantees perpetual usage, A Cost analysis of traditional and columbary burial)
  4. Setting of Objectives
  5. Marketing Strategy (Target Market & Marketing Mix)
  6. Gantt Chart

            I really enjoyed this part because i get to use my skills and expertise without anyone telling me what i should do. i had a free hand here in my job. Still everything I do is for Fr. Tony's Approval.

4) Revised the Terms of Payment

            I did schemes for parishioners and non-parishioners, i even designed a promo which is suitable to the less fortunate parishioners.

Donation Amount for Parishioners

 Donation Amount for Non-Parishioners

5) Did the designs for the flyers and brochures - 

               I love my web design class back in College. That is where I learned how to use photoshop and all. Now, I'm using my editing skills in making brochures, flyers and tarpaulin.

6) Attached with my position as the marketing officer are tasks that the parish priest will assign me to do from time to time. That is why during my almost 2 months stay at St. Peter, I was assigned to mobilize youths to volunteer for the following:

  • Medical Mission
  • Re-Commissioning of  Volunteers
  • Christ the King Procession
  • Christmas Party for the Less fortunate kids
  • Christmas Party for the Elderlies
  • Gift giving to the poorest of the poor
  • Simbang Gabi Volunteers

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