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Detailed Summary

Week 1

I haven't enrolled during this week. Why? My parents just paid for my sister's tuition fees and I had to wait a little bit for my turn. Oh my! I was already having paranoia during this week because I don't know if I will be able to catch up with the tasks in school. Thank God and thanks to my my friends namely Mahalia and Jaymie Ann, who updated me with the lessons.

Week 2

Ten hours of web design... Yet I haven't done anything. I am not yet enrolled. I have to wait a little more.

Week 3

I remember the first first day, I entered the class. My professor asked the class why I should still be accepted even if it's already the third week. (I thought Sir Yuviengco was strict... a terror one but nope I was wrong. He's the coolest teacher. The one you'll learn a lot from). Some said positive things about me like "I have good grades", some even said that I just had my hair colored. But Sir Yuviengco wanted to hear more than those things that were said. The most valid answer was from Finella. She said that I will be able to catch up on the tasks.

The class has been going on for two weeks already. It's equivalent to ten hours. So by this time, I missed a lot of things. So here's a list of what I did during this week to be able to catch up with the lessons:

I made* an account on the following websites: ning, elggspaces, gmail, and podomatic. Without even knowing the importance of those sites, I just followed the instructions of my good friends.

As part of catching up with the tasks in webdesign, I made made an entry at elgg regarding my first webpage. Before, I often practice making webpage using html. But I do not know how to upload it and make it visible for public use. But through our very own space, I was able to upload my first webpage.

I also made a comment on Danah Boyd's article: Friendster Lost Steam, Is MySpace Just a fad and Demetri Martin's video. Actually, at first I wasn't able to understand the gist of the article but after reading it for several times, I was able to make a thoughtless comment. It was thoughtless because (being my first day on class) I was kind of adjusting to the class and I am still trying to collate my thoughts after a month long break.

I was supposed to make a comment on Kris A's 1st episode but I wasn't able to listen to it due to technical difficulties. There was a link at elgg and it was uploaded at podomatic but the class weren't able to listen to it.

It was fun to know new sites. Before, there are only three sites I frequently visit: Friendster, Multiply and Yahoo. But now, I deal with a lot of websites.

I also had fun making my first webpage. Before, I read books regarding html and how those kind of stuff works. But through my web design class I had the chance to publish my very own webpage. I used HTML and html goodies helped me a lot.

Last task was to complete the collection of 10 RSS feeds for OUR RESOURCES section in our space. Here's my RSS feeds:

(click the image for a larger view)

Week 4

Okay, classes were suspended. But I edited my webpage and I tried making a podcast. I am really upset everytime Webdesign gets suspended. This is my favorite subject yet this is also the class that is alwyas hit by suspensions and activities.

Week 5

I visited PBwiki and made my own page. I was thinking of what to put on my pbwiki page. I just decided to put my profile and a little information on Social Web Applications.

Week 6

Christmas break interferes. But it's not at all a break for the class. We were given a deadline to have 50 members for MiriamPalster. So, what I did was to invite all the knollers on my YM list. I also made a comment on Mahalia's podcast.

Week 7

I made the first discussion for Palster and it's all about Miriam being a university. Sir Yuviengco said that MCPals is exclusive for knollers. So for the first discussion, I decided to post regarding the current buzz that MC will be a university as soon as possible.

I created a collection of eight RSS feeds for my google homepage. But how will our professor check it? I decided to show it here:

(click the image for a larger view)

I took the Collaboration Quotient Test or CQ test. I got 23 and here's how I was evaluated. The CQ test is just a sort of a tool for our Social web application project. Since the SWA is a work which need collaboration.

Week 8

I downloaded GIMP using Sir Yuviengco's USB. FYI, Sir Yuviengco even used the Business Center to download the GIMP because the internet connection was too slow. The speed of the internet was due to Taiwan's earthquake a.k.a. underground problem.

I edited pictures using GIMP. GIMP is like adobe... very much like it. Though I haven't tried adobe, I heard from my classmates that it's much more easier to use. But I think they're just more familiar to adobe than GIMP. By now, I am a confessed GIMP addict. To know more stuffs about GIMP click here.

I posted an entry at elggspaces about what we did. It was really fun and I just wish I could do more stuffs.

Week 9

I edited pictures using GIMP. Being a GIMP addict, I really crave for making more gimp works. If you want to see my other editing works, I posted an entry at my multiply. Please view my other works here.

I made an advanced picture and posted an entry about it at elggspaces. I tried on doing an angelina scifi version. My very own Angelina character. But this time she's no longer the tomb raider. She's no less than the queen of the damn... nope just kidding... she's the queen of some place. I dunno.

Last task for the week: Made an account at blogger. I made my first blog entry and I really had fun doing it.

Week 10

I made My first podcast entitled Latest Craze. To know more about my podcast episode view my blog entry about Looking Skinny, Being Skinny .

I updated my googlepage. I also posted some entries at my blogspot.

Week 11

Since first year, I've been addicted to blogging. I even used to say that I blog 24/7. In 2004, I sleep at around 4 am beacsue of blogdrive. As a proof visit my at blogdrive. The title of the entry is twenty five.

This testifies my love for making blog posts even if I'm not good at it. So I usually update my blog and this week I posted a new entry.

I made another discussion for the forum at MCPals. It's all about Dr. Licuanan's last term

I also made a comment at joelogs about the chicklets for my blogger. As for my chicklets, here's a list:

  • Mood Indicator - It shows your mood but you have to edit or update it everytime. So I decided to put the mood I will have for the rest of the week.
  • ChatterBox - This will allow people to leave a message on my blog. They could make comments or just even say hi.
  • Polls - The polls will allow me to know the preferences of my readers.
  • Clock - I often want to know the 'real' time and through this analog clock I would be alert of the time (as well as my visitors)
  • My Bloglog - This is a site wherein I will be able to know the people who visits my site (only those who belong to the myblog community)
  • ClustrMaps - This is a way for me to know the location of the people who vivits my blog.
  • Feedburner - This allows your content to be delivered and subscribed on the web. You can publicize your content so people could subscribe to you, optimize distribution, analyze the traffic where subscribers are from, and monetize by feedburner ad network.
  • Explode- This is like mybloglog. This allows you to track friend who visits your blog.

I fixed the whole look of my blog. I also made some links for it.

Week 12

I added chicklets for my blogger.

  • Imood - I just want to let the viewers of my page to know my current mood.
  • StatCounter - I just want to know the number of site visits.

I also made another discussion at MCPals regarding wearing slippers in school (MC).

Week 13

"Adsense by google", I often see this and the stuffs that goes with it. But I actually do not pay toomuch attention to it. Until, Sir Yuviengco share with us that we can actually make money out of it. So now, I am trying it on my blog and I think it could do me good. Now, to know more about Adsense check thisout!

To put adsense on your blog, just click on the layout part and go to the template and click on add page element. On the Pages elements, just click on adsense.

At first, I actually made some mistakes. I even lost my current template and the chicklets I have. So, I got some help from Christine and she showed me (through experimentation) how to go back to my original template. Thanks Tibi!

My bloglog - I've been here for almost 2 weeks now. I really like it. Why? I find it really useful especially for those people who really want to make a "career" on blogs. You could use it to track the your site's statistics. But not only that, you could even make friends with other people and try seeing their blogs too. I really enjoy knowing that there are people viewing my blog. (flattering) So to know more about mybloglog click here.

For the scrumdidilyumptious click minehere. I was testing this link. Unfortunately, there was some changes with the functioning. My page there was gone.

For technorati, I made an account there already and it's a real-time search engine for blogs that tracks what is current and popular.

Week 14

For today, I joined Explode.

What's this? As what they say

"Explode is a simple way to

connect to all your friends

regardless of their


What's the difference between Explode and MyBloglog?

Explode is so similar to mybloglog. It allows you to track your friends who visits your site. Frankly, I like mybloglog better. I find mybloglog easier to use and there are many people in it already. Maybe I'm just new to explode and I haven't explored it that much. I find it also hard to search for friends. I can't look for a sort of a 'database' wherein all the members are listed on it. So if you know if there is something like a member's database just let me know.

The second task for today is to know how much your blog is worth. We went to Nirmal's blog and we found out how to check it out. I also found some interesting blog skins/templates on his blog. I really admire his blog. (don't get me wrong) I just like the format and the things he blog about.

If you want to know how much your blog is worth, check this out.

In my case, you can see at the button below how much my blog is worth. Sir Yuviengco said that the price is okay especially for starters like me.

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Actually I really enjoy everything that we are doing in this class. All the tasks are worth doing. I think no time is being wasted in this subject. I usually feel 'bitin' (needed more time for this subject) everytime I go out of this class. So more of this next week. 2 more weeks to go. :)

Week 15

What I did for today:

I became an affiliate of amazon. What is it all about, I quote from the site "Launched in 1996, Associates is's affiliate marketing program. By linking to Amazon products and services you can add compelling content for your site visitors enjoyment and receive up to 10% in referral fees for doing so." So, I got the HTML code and pasted it on my blog. Since I really like Sophie Kinsella's books, (as a way of thanking her for the nice books she writes) I decided to try selling her books on my blog. I'll see in the coming days if people will patronage it. I'll tell you later on, if I'll be able to earn money.

I checked how much I am earning for my adsense. All this time (Maybe about a month or less), I just earned $0.01 and for the page impressions I got something more than 350.

(click the image for a larger view)

I tried on the Try it on Studio at Clairol. Here's my output.

(click the image for a larger view)

Above all these things, we were assigned to make an entry at elgg which I just reposted here.

Week 16

I was able to finish my Podcasts

                  View all the tasks for the semester and made an entry at joelogs.elggspaces about Mririam Palster.

                  *At present (Week 16), I came to realize the importance of the sites which we were asked to made an account. Ning was used for our social web application which isMiriampalster. Elggspaces is "our" space. The site wherein we could post the activities that we did. It was also sort of a "blog" for our class in web design. As for Gmail, I used it for my blogger, adsense and googlepage account. It was indeed very useful. I also made use of my gmail for signing up accounts at different sites. Last on my list is Podomatic. But being the last doesn't mean it is the least. Actually, I used it to upload my podcasts.




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