True Colors

...are beautiful. Like a Rainbow.


My name is Ann Rosselle. I am a graduate of Business Administration major in E-Business from Miriam College. E-Business is a course in Miriam specializing in computer related business functions and preparing the graduates in the international arena.

Being a graduate of Business Administration, Miriam prepared me to become efficient and effective in managing and leading businesses.Miriam trained me to become well-grounded, well-rounded and empowered to lead in service.

 I am computer literate. Being an E-Business major, I am knowledgeable of windows applications and basic computer hardware and software. I am also knowledgeable of basic web design and HTML programming. I am also knowledgeable of graphic designing using adobe and gimp photo shop.  I am also knowledgeable of sound editing using Audacity sound editor. I am also knowledgeable of movie editing using Windows movie maker.

I am also trained in major business  aspects like Marketing, Human Resources, Production, Finance, Statistics, Economics, Strategic Management and Law.

I had my practicum as an Associate Operations Manager of Inter-School Business Association and member of Junior Philippine Internet Commerce Society. Corporate speaking, I had my on-the-job-training at IBM Business Services. IBM is a subsidiary of IBM Philippines specializing ib Business Transformation Outsourcing for Lenovo, Avon, CVS Pharmacy, American Airlines and other international based companies. I was assigned at the Recruitment Department particularly at the Sourcing Team. I was doing the call outs for applicants, scheduling of pre-employment exams, applicants data base management, giving pre-employment exams, and doing initial interviews. I was also part of the team giving focus group discussions for the practicumers of the company. 

Strategic Management is one of a kind in Miriam College. For our undergraduate thesis, we were asked to do a strategic planning and cooperative building for a chosen marginalized group in one of Miriam's partner communities. My group mate and I chose Loyola Heights Park 7 Community. We did a background study on the community. We also did some exposure on their living conditions. My group decided to turn its present home owners association into a Manufacturing and retailing Cooperative specialiaing in fabric conditioner production. My group made an in-depth external and internal assessment of the community. We also applied different concepts in strategic management such as: Porter's Five Forces, External and Internal Factors Evaluation, Competitive Profile Matrix, SWOT,  analysis, SPACE Matrix, and other strategies.

Being a knoller since kindergrten, I have strong communication skills. I speak English, Filipino and Basic Mandarin. I am good in public speaking such as giving informative and persuasive  speeches. I am also good in debating and writing. 

Apart from various achievement within Miriam College like Loyalty awards, dean's list, and scholarships, I was also granted, by the Institute of International Education through AIG International Scholarship Program, a scholarship worth more than 500,000 pesos for my studies in College. 

I graduated last October and I had a formal job in November. Since then, I've been working for nine months. I am now the Programs Coordinator-Youth Coordinator of St. Peter Parish, a non-governmental and Church based organization focusing on developmental and social services programs. 

By Novemeber, I will be taking UP Law Aptitude Exams and if God will, I will push through with a Juris doctor degree.