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    Why true colors? I've been a fan of the Dove commercial since it was aired on TV about two to three years ago. Dove has a campaign to develop and increase the self esteem of women especially girls from around the globe and let them know how beautiful they are. The Dove commercial used the song True Colors.

     I like the song so much because it says that we should not be afraid to let people know who we truly are.

     In this world full of pretension, we should not let other people drive us to be who they want us to be. Instead, we should not be afraid to take risk and become the real "us". No matter how we look, no matter what color we have, no matter how different we may be from other people, our "true" persona is and will always be beautiful.

      Originally, this e-portfolio was designed as a tool to show my learning in my Web design class. This portfolio was meant to showcase my acquired skills and learning in the class. 

     Today, this e-portfolio has evolved. This is now used to document all my experiences with regards to career and service. This is my true self. These are the things that I can do. I have weaknesses as well as strengths. I would like to further develop my strengths and be an expert on the field of my interest so that I could better serve my fellow men. As for my weaknesses, I try to complement through the strengths of my mentors, team mates, and family. Above all, I serve for God's  greater glory.

      So let's check my progress and let me hear what you think about me.

      Thanks and have a good day!