Essay 1 : Crossing Borders

Essay 1: Crossing Borders


What physical, social, political or spiritual borders have you crossed?  Write an essay explaining why you crossed that border.  How did you change? 

Your thesis statement will be your statement of what border you crossed and why it was significant to you. (Since this is a personal essay, using I is acceptable and even desirable.) Your primary audience consists of your instructor and other ESL students.

Use your experience and at least one quote (exact words) from one or more of the essays you have read, as well as a reference (quote or paraphrase) from your Library research. 


Consider these questions:

1)      What is the nature of the border you crossed? Is the border you crossed a physical, social, political or spiritual? How strong was it?

2)      How did crossing this border challenge you? In what ways did it make you grow?

3)      What kinds of rules or laws did you defy?

4)      What support did you receive? What support would you wish to share with others in your situation?

5)      What border(s) remain for you to cross so that you arrive in your destination?


  1. Learning to Read and Write by Frederick Douglas
  2. The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie and
  3. [DOC] Always Living in Spanish
  4. The Fourth of July by Audre Lorde
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