annie tobiasz artist         


annie tobiasz, located in rochester new york, has sold various works of art   to individuals & businesses in upstate new york, has appeared in newspapers, press releases and is published through Kennedy Promotions in Best of New 
York Artists and Artisans 2006.


annie, self taught,  is unmolded by commercial art and critical professors. Her unique use of bright colours and thick texture attracts people to her work.


Annies art, derived from within, captures her innermost emotions and dreams.

annie believes an artist should look within their lives and mind for subject matter, which makes a work of art personal. 


 for sales inquiry, commissions,  or bookings please contact annie at        




 Two Apples  8x10 inches  $600

Pears & Cherries 16x18 inches $800

Avocado 5x7inches $400



Shabby Fruit 2.5 x 4.5 feet  $2400


Sunflowers 16x20 inches $800 


Atop a Pear  2x2 feet  $600 unframed

Polka Pear  2x2 feet $800 framed ~ currently on loan @ Java's


Night Sunflowers 2x3 feet  $1200 ~SOLD


Purple Pansy 3x3 feet   $1400 framed ~ currently on loan

Royal Roses 3x4 feet  $2400 framed ~SOLD



Bowl o Roses 16 x 24 inches $1200 ~SOLD


Pink & Chocolate 2 x 2 feet  $400


Funny Face 16 x 24 inches $600 ~SOLD


Whimsy Series 

Whimsy Tier  16 x 24 inches  $600


Whimsy Tea  16x24 inches $600 


Whimsy Tea Floor Cloth 5x7 feet  $2400


Pansies in the Sun 2 x 2 feet $800 ~SOLD


Funny Face 2x2 feet $600 ~SOLD




Artist and Child 2x3 feet   ~ Private Collection



 Abby  2x3 feet $1400


 Brightside Girl  (#2) $1200


  Summer Daze 3x4 feet $2400


 James Hammond 2x3 feet ~ Private Collection


James Hammond @ Stuart Beach 2x3 feet ~ Private Collection


James Hammond Fishing 3x4 feet ~ Private Collection




James Hammond fishing (detail)


Untitled  18 x 24 inches @ Java's Cafe 


 Seahorse Exchange 2x3 feet $2400 ~currently on loan @ RIT


 Portal 3 x 4 feet $2800


 The published work "Crazy Paisley Skies" 3x4 feet The artists interpretation of 911 $5000


Marilyn Manson 3x4 feet $700 ~ SOLD



Marilyn Manson II 3x4 feet ~ Private Collection 


 Escape Artist I  3x4 feet  $1200



 Shabby Vanity $700 ~ SOLD


 Shabby Dollhouse  with furniture $300 ~SOLD


Honeydew Sideboard  $2400 ~SOLD



  For sales inquiry and bookings, you may contact annie at