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october 2006


 guide to kedougou

what to send to africa....

 map of my village

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Thanks you everyone for the wonderful messages but yes sorry if i gave you the wrong impression that I was finished with my service here in the Peace Corps Senegal< But no I have only finished 1 year and i have another year to go< I should be officially closing my service here in west africa in April 2008. SO alas will not be eating ice cream every day...well not yet. But i can not wait to be finally eating well and maybe eating PROTEIN yay!!!! So my intinerary is as follows:
May 12-14 be in Thies for Senegad (gender and development in senegal meeting)
May 15-20 roughly I will be in Dakar area capital of Senegal
May 23-27 jazz festival in st louis senegal
June 1 fly out to casablanca then Paris
will be in paris till the 5th
June 5 fly to New York
June 8 fly from new york to San Francisco
June10 possibly going to Los angeles for only 2 days then back to modesto
June 15 San Francisco to New York
spend a day in new york again
june17 fly back to senegal west africa
SO hopefully lets see if i can see anyone if they are in the areas that i have listed on those dates... if not try and give me a call or I'll give you a call when i get back into the states or in paris. But no I am not yet finished with this beautiful country of Senegal and with west africa! I know I know i need to update this thing





So it’s been a while since last update.

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Christmas. Wonderful time with the rest of the volunteers and lots of time cooking. I made for the first time hot buttered rum. Amazing. Basically, I had to improvise with what the recipe called for. Instead of cinnamon sticks, I emptied the contents of “female wellness” teabags and put a mixture of cinnamon powder and pumpkin spice and nutmeg…made about 6 bags of the mixture and had that brew in the water-butter for few hours before adding the rum. Amazing again.


Went into town for new years. A nice wonderful dinner with other volunteers in town.


January 21, 2007

Biked to Dindefelo to go see the “luumo” (outdoor market) that is held every Sunday for the local villages. Place where you can buy things that come from Guinea or the Gambia really cheap. Got to see the waterfalls there for the second time around. And this time was such an easy trip to see the falls in comparison to the first time when I went with two other friends and was hassled and had to pay to see the waterfall that isn’t even under government protection.


January 24, 2007

Successul meeting with the childrens group in my village. This group was initiated by one of the older teenagers in my village. He wanted to create a childrens group where they would have a chance to do big activities together and help create a savings system where every kid pools in a little money. So if each kid gives 200CFA (around 600CFA= 1 US dollar)   to be a part of the organization, the pool of money will go towards any activity or if a kids gets sick and he needed meds but did not have the means to buy medication, the children’s group will help with funding to buy the medication. We’ll see how these kids will do with this group. If they continue to be motivated enough. We plan to do activities relating to family planning, nutrition, AIDS, early marriage. I’ll be trying to push education and feminism.


January 25, 2007

Health director El Hadj Malick Seck arrived in my village 2 hours late of expected time 8:30am. I was teaching my once a week art class in the local school when he arrived. Showed him our garden and gave him updates on all my projects. He was sick


February 3, 2007

Biked out to Bandafassi the neighbor town to do my activity at the “junior high” . If you didin’t know I do activities about once a week with one of the English classes. I am some sort of a TA for the class. My first acivity was very successful. We played the game “two truths and a lie.” The kids’ level of English only allowed them to give lies like “I am not a boy” “I have 56 years old” or “I live in the United States.” After the game, I taught a song for them to learn. What song popped up into my head? “the Itsy Bitsy Spider” You know why? Because it’s a  simple song but it cleary carries so many inherent philosophical themes of survival, success, motivation, and the power of nature.


Ran into an Englishman (tourist). Saw him singing to a bunch of kids in english so I figured I could say hello. And of course, he was a nice Englishmen who just wanted to see my area of Kedougou. Who would be the best tour guide that would show you around for free? Well a Peace Corps volunteer.


February 8, 2007

Getting ready for my return to Thies. Alas, the heat and the joy of public transportation here in Senegal. I understand that where I am may be the best of the best public transportation in Africa. Nevertheless I will be praising the traffic of LA when I get back to the states because even though the traffic sucks in LA… the road is still smooth.


AHHHHHHHH I can’t believe I left my passport pictures in my hut back in my village. Two other female volunteers and I are going on a trip to Burkina Faso for the film festival. We will pass through Togo and Benin also. I just can’t believe that the one thing I forget is all my passport photos…all 20 of them… man. No big deal. I can just get some more taken in Dakar the capital. But you would understand the time and the money would be such a pain…..

January 8,2007

ok so finally on the computer and i am actually wigging out that i don't have that much time to figure out how to solve my water problem in my village. ahhhh what should annie do!!!! but yah i do plan to go back home for vacation in a few months so hopefully i'll get a chance to visit you guys back at home.

so the water in my well is starting to disappear and i have this huge ass garden with about 40 plots. each plot is about 3 meters by one meter and i'm growing lettuce, tomatoes, onions you name it... what am i to do with so much veggies because they need so much water.. so if you guys have any ideas on how i'm supposed to get some water into this village please holla back...


January 1, 2007 the new year baby!!!!

hope everyone is having a great new year where ever you are... i just started the new year in this country called senegal.. i know that it will be a very eventful year ahead...i've learned to appreciate the little things in life and i wish everyone can do that same this year. i've learned that some of my friends got married and some are getting engaged....hopefully you guys can all wait until i get back into the country so i can make it to your wedding... you know how much i love weddings!!!

I was able to celebrate christmas in style with a big group of volunteers. I made hot buttered rum for the first time since we decided that making eggnog required the use of raw eggs...none of us wanted to risk getting sick. In the end, lets just say that i was pretty crafty when i made my own teabags filled with cinnamon spice and pumpkin spice...

Getting ready to go back to the village tomorrow and check up on the status of my garden. hopefully nothing is wrong and everything is still growing..inchallah.

Currently my projects are going ok. My art class that I teach at the elementary school in my village is going well. It's only my garden that is giving me a big headache...

not too much time...well hopefully i'll be back to use the internet soon.. if not ...in Febuary I'll be taking a break out of the village.

December 24, 2006

in town for christmas so i will have reception if you guys would like to give a call... but yes.. Have a great happy holidays everyone and i miss you all so much!!!!

December 10, 2006

met volunteer Julie from Gambia here in senegal for a root canal!

Wonderful day having lunch with Julie from gambia. we discussed differences between the two countries Gambia and Senegal.

-went to softball game at the baseball field in Dakar. yes softball. peace corps volunteers have a team here and they play against other teams in the league

-got to see the US ambassador of Senegal playing on the field...

December 9, 2006

"Foire Internationale Dakar" day in the capital of Senegal-  (address of website of a great French-English dictionary)

  -So basically the morning of my medical appointment, I had to check in at 9:30am and then I would be on my way to beautiful home of Kedougou. Knowing Senegal, my appointment started late and lasted for about 45 min. So I was not able to make it home. Instead, I went to this crazy faire that you had to pay 500 CFA to get in which means about 1 US dollar. The fair basically showcased many companies working in Senegal and trading with Senegal.  Definitely the uppercrust of Senegal went to this event.  

December 7, 2006

I am in Dakar (the capital city) so if you want to call me...i'll have reception

November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... we had a beautiful thanksgiving dinner in town Kedougou. All volunteers who were able to make it in from their village had a great time enjoying wonderful food and eachother.

November 18, 2006

My 24th birthday!!! (also mickey mouse's birthday)

-How great is it to be on

November 6, 2006

updated pictures are on snapfish

today is my first radio show DJ debut- I will be on the local radio station here in kedougou, Senegal. As part of the public relations team here, we were able to get a radio show each week for the local Peace Corps Volunteers for one hour. I am really excited about my first show!!!! We will be playing some old school music (IE: some boyz 2 men) but yes a good mix! We'll see how the show goes!

I still don't have a digital camara here in senegal... so sad..... the whole organization of the dropoff didn't work out...but thanks again to all those involved...mr. nick and miss kelly along with miss heather...

October 28, 2006

The Inaugural Post by a Friend

Here it is, the first post on Ms. Annie's Senegal Blog. Here, we will come to be regaled of the wondrous adventures of our dear friend, whom we miss and of whom we are ever so proud. Here you go, Annie dearest. Let the stories be told. We are waiting on pins on needles.