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Desert Sky Vista
Watercolor, 13x30 inches
(4th Place in Light,Space, TIme Landscape Paintings April, 2014)

Aspens on Hillside
Watercolor, 13 x 20 inches

Snowy day in trees
Watercolor and gouache, 14 x 21 inches

Canyon Light
Acrylic and Casein on wc board, 9x12 inches

Moonlit trees
Acrylic and gouache on paper
11x14 inches

Gott's garden
Watercolor, 14 x21 inches

Sunset, Waterpocket Fold 
Acrylic and gouache on paper
11 x 14 inches

Lone Aspen, Thompson Divide
Watercolor, 21X15 inches

Row of Trees, sunlit
Watercolor, 14x21 inches

Summer Day, Four Mile Park
Watercolor, 12x19 inches

Canyon wall, cloudy day
Watercolor, 11x15 inches

Aspen Shadows #1
10x14 inches, Varnished and mounted watercolor

Canyon Reflections #1 (diptych, 1 frame)  Watercolor 
21 x 20 inches 

Windy Ridge    9 x 12 inches, Watercolor

Spring Clouds    
  7x10.5 inches, framed watercolor  

Beaver Pond in Winter    11x14 inches, Watercolor

 Calf Creek    11x14 inches, Watercolor

Clouds Lifting    10 x 24.5 inches, Watercolor


Light Through Trees   13 x 20 inches Watercolor

Alaskan River 
11x13 inches, watercolor 

Wilkerson Pass    10.5x14.5 inches, Watercolor

Canyon Impressions    6x8 inches, Acrylic

Dream Canyon 
   18x12 inches, Watercolor

if you like any of the artwork below, please consider commissioning a similar work

Ravens in Canyonlands  SOLD

                                                                                    Cabin in Winter Light    10x14 inches, Watercolor

Desert Varnish  SOLD
15x22 inches, Watercolor

Aspen Grove SOLD11x15 inches, Watercolor

Glenwood Canyon #7   SOLD
15x11 inches, Watercolor

Rancho Durazno #3   SOLD
8x9.5 inches, Watercolor

Morning Mist   SOLD
11x15 inches, Watercolor

Summer Morning  SOLD
8x13 inches, Watercolor

            Pearl Pass   SOLD
7.5x11 inches, Watercolor

Aspen Meadow    SOLD
22x15 inches, Watercolor and Gouache

Farm Cliffs  SOLD
11x15 inches, Watercolor and Pencil

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