Ann's Gallery

My paintings offer a glimpse into my self and my experience. I hope to give others a shot of joy, or awe, or thoughtfulness- over and over- every time they look. I hope to make people stop, and be glad they are alive.

I like to paint with both watercolor and acrylic.  I love the watercolor medium for its play with water. I love water- as a kayaker, skier, scientist and artist- and am continually stopped in my tracks by the properties and beauty of water. To drop a couple of colors into a wet patch of paper and see what happens is so much fun. I also love the strong colors of more opaque paints, and that is what has pulled me to acrylic. The fact that it can be used in a wide range of ways, from watercolor-like to oil-like, appeals to me. I love painting abstractly with it.

Desert Vista. Watercolor



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