Welcome to the Home of Annesley Model Aircraft Club
The place where you can enjoy your sport in a relaxed and friendly Atmosphere

Club Shot Taken June 2012

Annesley Model Aircraft Club started in 2011, We have a variety of pilots which fly a wide range of models from scale fixed wing Aircraft to 3D Helicopters. We have a very well maintained Runway which stretches aproximately 140mts which caters for even the larger scale models

We Welcome all types of members from Beginners to Advanced pilots, And we can provide adequate training and Bmfa Testing for members wishing to take there "A" and "B" certificates

If you are looking for somewhere to Fly in a Hastle Free Environment  and plenty of room to enjoy your chosen sport then please use the Contact Page for our details

You can now watch all our uploaded videos by clicking on the Facebook link below, And dont forget to like us if you enjoy your visit

Aerial Footage of Flying Site Taken by stuart Spencer July 2013

View from top of Runway June 2013

View from Top Left of Runway Aug 2011

Original View from Top Left of Runway in June 2011

Original View of  Pitts Area June 2011

Birds eye View of Flying Field By Google

Aerial View Of Complete Site from Google