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This event is cancelled!
March 26, 2020
District VII Annual Meeting


All Flower Show Activities are cancelled until further notice.

The following information is being left up for your contemplation in the future:

Flower Show:  “Kaleidoscope”,
 a Standard Flower Show at The Pavilion, 1602 Sioux Dr., Marion, IL.  Dates to be announced.

Dear Presidents and other Flower Show friends,
President, please forward this message to your members.
We will resume our monthly meetings to work on Designs and Artistic Crafts related to Flower Shows.
We will discuss/work/play with any ideas that you bring related to making a good design or artistic craft. 
We had tentatively decided that the Artistic Crafts would be a shadow box of dried plant material, a decorated birdhouse, and a decorated hat.  We had been advised by Flower Show Master Judge David Robson that the materials used to "decorate" whatever Artistic Craft item need to be the first thing that the judge sees.  For example, he said that if we are asking for a decorated birdhouse, he wants to see lots of clever decorative materials.  He doesn't want to see the birdhouse with just a few sprigs or twigs attached to the front.  For example, "roof shingles" of some kind of plant material?  Other fun stuff.... 
Designs our District members were mulling over last Fall were: 1.  design with angular components to be viewed from all sides on a high drum;
2.  design with tubular forms to be displayed on a 6' table; 3.  exhibition table design containing reflective properties to be displayed on a 6' table..
We were also considering adding 3 design classes of designs 13" x 13" x 13" or smaller.  We had not discussed specifics on these.

This Wednesday, we meet at St. Francis Xavier Hall, 303 S. Poplar, Carbondale 62901 from 9:30 - 11 a.m. on the lower level.

Bring flowers and other necessary mechanics, or just come to watch others play.  If you are cutting flowers from your own garden, for proper conditioning try cutting them in the late afternoon, put in a pitcher or container full of water immediately with all leaves attached, and place in a cool, dark space until morning.  Remember what you have blooming now, as this will coincide with the timing of our Flower Show next year.

As always, please call me at 618-559-8154 with any questions or concerns.

I look forward to getting these Workshops going again.  We really need them so that District members can gain confidence in their abilities to produce beautiful exhibits.

Jeanne Wacker, Flower Show Chairman