Anne Outdoors
Growing up on a farm in Michigan, I have been interested in outdoor activities all my life.  Gardening, birding, watching butterflies, and hiking are some of my hobbies.  I am available to present programs on gardening for birds and/or butterflies and to lead nature hikes.
Anne Parmley,
Metropolis Garden Club President
Master Naturalist
Founding Member of the Massac Nature Study Society
Member of the Shawnee Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society
Member of the Friends of the Cache River Watershed
Butterfly Enthusiast

The Massac Nature Study Society will meet at 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 19, at the Metropolis Public Library.  The program will be Springtime in the Rockies. John Schwegman will be our travel guide to explore the flora and fauna in western North America, no passport needed!  This slide tour includes a stop for prairie birds at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas on the drive out to Colorado. In Rocky Mountain National Park, we see alpine tundra wildflowers and wildlife and, at lower elevations, plants like the rare Clustered Lady Slipper Orchid, and the American Dipper, a bird that walks on the bottom of mountain streams.  This event is free and open to anyone with an interest in nature.  There will be a short meeting after the program.

The Metropolis Garden Club  will meet on Monday, January 14, at 9:30 a.m. at the Metropolis Community Center, 900 West 10th Street.  Hostesses are Martha Schwegman, Sheila Richey, and Barb Joos.  The program will be Blue Star Marker, a National Garden Club Project, by Club Treasurer/Master Gardener Audrey Williams.  Audrey will talk about the history of the Blue Star Markers and their maintenance.  Guests are welcome at our meetings.

Some of my favorite links:

A local source for native plants is Southernwood Gardens, phone: 618 833 2769 or 697 3798, located at 4650 Rhine Rd, Alto Pass, IL.