Anne Outdoors
Growing up on a farm in Michigan, I have been interested in outdoor activities all my life.  Gardening, birding, watching butterflies, and hiking are some of my hobbies.  I am available to present programs on gardening for birds and/or butterflies and to lead nature hikes.
Anne Parmley,
Metropolis Garden Club President
Garden Clubs of Illinois, District VII,  Bees, Birds, & Butterflies Chairman
Master Naturalist
Founding Member of the Massac Nature Study Society
Shawnee Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society Member
Friends of the Cache River Watershed Board Member
Butterfly Enthusiast
The next meeting of the Metropolis Garden Club will be Monday, February 10, at 9:30 a.m. at the Metropolis Community Center, 900 West 10th Street.  Hostesses are Betty Brewer and Regina Pritchett.  The program will be Butterflies of Illinois by Master Naturalist and Garden Club President Anne Parmley.  Guests are welcome at our meetings.

The Massac Nature Study Society will meet on Saturday, January 18, at 1 p.m. at the Metropolis Public Library.  Program will be Freshwater Mussels of Southern Illinois by John Schwegman. The talk covers images and discussion of the mussel species that are known from southern Illinois as well as discussion of threats to and conservation of our freshwater mussels. There will be discussion of the unique method of reproduction of our mussels, mussels that were formerly here but are now extinct, and our species that are presently listed as endangered or threatened. In addition to the slide show John will have many shells of mussels and a few pearls from native mussels for participants to see.  Guests are welcome.  See photo below.

Rabbits Foot Mussel with foot extended

Some of my favorite links:

A local source for native plants is Southernwood Gardens, phone: 618 833 2769 or 697 3798, located at 4650 Rhine Rd, Alto Pass, IL.