I am interested in teaching a variety of courses using a mix of active learning strategies, especially inquiry-based learning, peer instruction, and self reflection. I also work to encourage equity in the classroom. Course materials can be found on my GitHub page, in select course pages below, or in the documents section.

University of Tennessee

MATH509: Analysis for Teachers (FA18). Development of differential and integral calculus, proofs of basic theorems. For students in the Master of Mathematics program.

MATH460: Geometry (SP18). Axiomatic and historical development of neutral, Euclidean, and hyperbolic geometry stressing proof technique and critical reasoning. Models of Non-Euclidean geometries.

MATH119: College Algebra (FA18, SU18, SP18). A review of algebraic functions, equations, and inequalities.

MATH509: Seminar for Teachers (co-taught during SP18). For students in the Master of Mathematics program.

Coastal Carolina University

Math 408: Cryptography (FA17, FA16) Cross-listed as CSCI408. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of cryptography and cryptanalysis, primarily focusing on data encryption and decryption. Topics will include: modular arithmetic, classical encryption schemes, modern encryption schemes, password security, and digital signatures, secret sharing. See this page for my escape-room-inspired activity!

Math 407: Coding Theory (SP16) Cross-listed as CSCI407. This course covers the issues involved in designing efficient codes, including error detection/correction. Topics to be covered include distance, nearest neighbor decoding, hamming codes and linear codes.

Math 174: Intro to Discrete Math (SP16). Set theory, logic divisibility, induction, combinatorics, relations, functions, graphs, digraphs, and Boolean algebra.

Math 160: Calculus I (FA17, SP17, FA16, SP16, FA15). Limits, continuity, differentiation and integration of algebraic and transcendental functions, applications of the derivative to curve sketching, optimization and related rates.

Colorado State University

Math 366: Introduction to Abstract Algebra (SU14). Sets, integers, polynomials, real and complex numbers, groups, integral domains, and fields; development of skills for proving theorems.

Math 369: Linear Algebra (SU13). Linear systems, matrices, subspaces of Euclidean spaces, linear transformations on Euclidean spaces, eigenvalues, eigenvectors.

Math 340: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (SP15, SP14, SP13). First and second order equations, series, Laplace transforms, linear algebra, eigenvalues, first order systems of equations, numerical techniques.

Math 229: Matrices and Linear Algebra (FA13). Linear systems, matrix arithmetic, complex numbers, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, applications.

Math 261: Calculus for Physical Scientists III (FA12). Vector functions, partial differentiation, cylindrical and spherical coordinates, multiple integrals, line integrals, Green's theorem.

Math 130: Math in the Social Sciences (SU12, FA14). Voting theory, power indices, fair division, apportionment, circuits and trees, list processing, descriptive statistics, probability.

Math 155: Calculus for Biological Scientists I (SP12, SP11, FA10). Limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration of elementary functions with applications in the biosciences.

Math 160: Calculus for Physical Scientists I (FA11). Limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration of elementary functions with applications; conic sections.

Course Evaluations:

Student Comments

  • "She always had the best interest of the students in mind. Her variety in different teaching styles and methods definitely helped in many situations and challenged us in good ways."
  • "The examples were often creative and integrated well into the lessons."
  • "I don't think I would have done this well or had the motivation to work as hard if it wasn't for Anne."
  • "Probably the only math class that I actually liked to attend and genuinely wanted to learn and not just do it to get a good grade. Changed my whole mindset on how I looked at calculus."
  • "Connects the course to other major material (biology)."
  • "After sitting in on a few of Anne's Calc 3 classes with my roommate last semester, I actively sought to have her as my Diff Eq instructor. She is one of the best teachers I've ever had, and certainly the single most effective math teacher to ever teach me [...] Furthermore she has a very approachable personality so it was actually fun to learn from her, something I never thought I would say about a math class."
  • "Really can't say enough good things about Anne! Great teacher, no complaints."
  • "Clone her and have her teach all sections. Seriously."

Coastal Carolina University

For FA15 - SP16, I taught a total of 136 students.

Averages across all courses and sections:

Ratings are based on a four-point scale (4 - agree strongly, 3 - agree, 2 - disagree, 1 - disagree strongly)

Colorado State University

For SP11 - SP15, I taught a total of 616 students. Some of these classes were as small as twelve students and some as large as 245.

Averages across all courses and sections:

Ratings are based on a five-point scale (5 - excellent, 4 - above average, 3 - average, 2 - below average, 1 - poor.)