I like to spend my time traveling, cooking, and learning.


Some travel memories: sitting in a natural pool at Hot Water Beach beneath the stars (Waikato, New Zealand), snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), watching the incoming tides surround Mont Saint-Michel (Normandy, France), walking past the Roman aqueduct in Segovia (Spain), eating pastries by the Goose Girl fountain (Göttingen, Germany), meandering through the white walls in the medina of Tétouan (Morocco), looking at the mists of the green mountains in Hualien (Taiwan), seeing a dazzle of zebra in Kruger National Park (South Africa).


I like to eat food, make food, and share food.


So far, I've spent some time in my life practicing martial arts (Judo, BJJ, and Cuong Nhu), playing piano, and reading a variety of books.