April 2018

Volunteer presenter for UTK library outreach program. This involved presenting twice on "Origami in Science and Math" for about 15-20 participants each session.

Summer 2016 - Fall 2017

Primary organizer (along with T. Craig). This involves collaborating with local middle school teachers from three counties (Horry, Georgetown, and Marion), preparing content for problem solving sessions, organizing workshops, and acquiring funding.

Annual Three-Minute Talks Event

September 2016 and 2017

Co-organizer with the Social Justice Research Initiative, Women's and Gender Studies, and Multicultural Student Services. This entailed inviting and arranging logistics for six speakers (faculty, staff, and students) and 30-40 participants. The 2016 topic was, "What is the greatest challenge to creating a more just society?" The 2017 topic was, "How do you build a more just society?"

CCU "Cryptography and Current Issues" Talk

April 2016

Student-invited presentation for Women in Computing Club.

CCU "Gender on Campus" Talk (with M. Wilkinson)

April 2016

Presented for Celebration of Inquiry local conference.

CCU "Women in STEM" Talk

February 2016

Presented for Women's and Gender Studies brown bag talk series.

CCU "Origami in Science and Math" Talk

November 2015

Presented to first-semester undergraduate students at Coastal Carolina University (Note: out of the eighty-some presentations, mine was evaluated to be one of the most engaging sessions according to student surveys).

CSU Math Circles: Go Wild! Mathematics in Nature

June 2014

Presented "Origami and Symmetry" to middle and early high school students. This covered various types of symmetry, Sonobe units and basic group theory, origami cranes and crease patterns, as well as tessellations.

CSU Math Circles: Notions of Shape and Space

July 2013

Presented "An Exploration of Math and Origami" to middle and early high school students. Topics were optimizing areas of equilateral triangles on paper, folding parabolas and tangent lines, the square twist and Burnside's Lemma, and Sonobe units.

CSU NoCo Math Oval

April 2013

Presented "An Exploration of Math Using Origami" to middle and high school students. This included origami applications in current scientific research, Fujimoto's Approximation Technique, and polyhedra with PHiZZ units.

CSU High School Math Day

November 2012, 2011, 2010

Assisted with running team competition sessions.

CSU Information Science and Technology Center (ISTeC) High School Day

October 2011

Worked with students on hands-on math activities.