Ph.D., Political Science (2012), CUNY Graduate Center

Senior Editor for Content, WorldView Software, Inc.

Link to my CV 

Link to my 2011 APSA paper Network Strategies, Global Governance, and Human Security

Link to my report on the Graduate Center's diversity

Link to National Security and Global Financial Governance presented at the Political Networks Conference in Ann Arbor in June 2011

Link to National Security and Global Financial Governance presented at the ISSS/ISAC Conference in Providence in October 2010

Link to The Effect of Network Structure on the Provision of Security presented at the ISSS/ISAC Conference in Providence in October 2010

Handouts from ISSS/ISAC 2010 are here

Link to: The Response to Nuclear Proliferation presented at the ISSS/ISAC Conference in Monterey, October 2009

Link to: Human Security Networks in the Indian Ocean Tsunami presented at the Harvard Conference for Political Networks, June 13, 2009

More network visualizations here

The Carmans River Ecosystem

Birds and bugs from my backyard here

Check out my blog, "Security," which discusses issues at the intersection of security and cyberspace, sociology, ecology, etc.  (Updated when I feel like it.) Or follow me on Twitter: "@metaAnnelies" (which is updated significantly more often).

The video portion of my dissertation defense presentation:

The Structure of Transnational Security Networks

My WorldView® U.S. Government textbook (which has been completely redesigned and updated) won the 2011 EDDIE award from ComputED Gazette.  Check out the really wonderful review they gave it here *blushes*.

My latest online textbook: WorldView® Civics  won another award, the 2009 BESSIE (in addition to the 2008 EDDIE) from ComputED Gazette, as well as the 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers. 

My previous publication in this series: WorldView® U.S. Government

(finalist, 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing, the Association of Educational Publishers)


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