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I am / was involved in several funded research projects:

  • 3DMOVE (2019-2024): Learning to synthesize 3D dynamic human motion (ANR JCJC Stefanie Wuhrer)
  • PRESENT (2019-2022): Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity (EU H2020 ICT 25)
  • Perception-Action Integration in Collision Avoidance in Older Adults (2019) Mitacs Globalink grant 
  • Influence of walking speed and trunk sway on collision avoidance with a virtual human  (2019) Mitacs Globalink grant 
  • BEAR (2019-2021): from BEhavioral Analysis to modeling and simulation of interactions between walkeRs (Inria Associate Team)
  • PER² (2018-2022): Perception-based Human Motion Personalisation (ANR JCJC Ludovic Hoyet)
  • AUTOMA-PIED (2018-2019) : Quelles interactions véhicules AUTOMAtisés - PIEtons pour Demain ? (DSR)
  • Collision avoidance behaviours of previously concussed athletes with another athlete (2018) Mitacs Globalink grant 
  • Collision avoidance between two walkers: an understanding of children's behaviours (2018) Mitacs Globalink and Campus France grants
  • OPMoPS (2017-2020): Organized Pedestrian Movement in Public Spaces: Preparation and Crisis Management of Urban Parades  and Demonstration Marches with High Conflict Potential (ANR)
  • Interact (2016-2017) : Multiple interactions (SAD, Region Bretagne)
  • RE-SIMS (2015-2017): REal data against crowd SImulation AlgorithMS (Inria Associate Team)
  • PERCOLATION (2013-2017): Towards next crowd generation (ANR JCJC Julien Pettré)
  • Tango (2010-2014): Emotional interaction grounded in realistic context (European FP7 FET-Open collaborative project)
  • SIMS (2012-2014): Inria Associate Team
  • Locanthrope (2007-2010): Computational fundations of human locomotion (ANR Psirob)