Unsleepy Hollow--NC 17

by Anne Fraser and Jean Hontz, the shameless hussies

warning: adult content, explicit sex.

It was dark, but he could see every detail of the rooms he moved
through.  Flashlights?  Candles?  These were human toys, human props.
He had no need for them.  Darkness held no mysteries to vampire eyes.
Even the mouse that scuttled quickly out of his way, thinking itself
invisible in the dark, stood out like neon.  If he hadn't been able to
see it, he still would have known it was there.  It had a heartbeat, and
warm blood that coursed through its tiny veins and arteries.

But such fare did not appeal; let the vermin live.  There was another
presence here in the dark, a stronger heartbeat, blood that smelt so
much more appealing.  Somewhere within these walls, a human being drew

Making no more noise than the mouse had, perhaps even less, he walked
through the midnight rooms.  A kitchen, the refrigerator humming to
itself, the tap dripping slowly, each drop of water exploding in his
ears, kerplunk, kerplunk.  He very nearly moved to turn the tap off, but
it might have made a sound that would alert the sleeper to his presence.

A short hallway, with only three doors.  He knew where each of them
led.  The first was a bathroom, of no interest.  The second was a spare
room, full of boxes, with a work-man like computer desk supporting a
full home office.  If he listened closely, he could hear the electricity
moving through the snakes nest of cords on the floor.  No.  There was
nothing in that room that lived.

It was the third door that he paused by.  A bedroom.  The human slept in
the bed; he could hear faint snores.  Of more interest, inaudible to
mortal hearing, was the sound of that heartbeat.  A rhythm of health, of
strong red blood moving through the body.  Even through the closed door,
he could smell the blood.

His fangs slid out and his lips parted hungrily.  Quiet as death, his
hand turned the knob and the door swang open making no more sound than a
whisper of air.  No creak of hinges gave away his presence as he crossed
the threshold.

He walked on silent feet to the side of the bed.  The sleeper turned to
face him, but she was wrapped in dreams and did not know what stood
beside her bed.  He smiled, fangs visible in the darkness, and gently
drew back the covers to leave her neck bared.  He bent over her, his
hand briefly carressing her hair, and murmured, "Sleep on and do not wake."

Then his fangs pierced her neck and the rich red blood ran into his
greedy mouth...

"Shit!"  Jake sat upright, heart pounding, fighting to free himself from
the tangle of blankets.

"Caro?" asked a sultry voice from the other side of the bed. "Are you
all right?"

Jake looked around and saw his current lover sitting up to look at him.
She reached out and ran a hand up and down his back.

"You had another bad dream?" she asked.

Her dark hair was still mussed from their lovemaking earlier. She, like
he, was naked in bed.

The room was bathed in moonlight, a gentle, cool breeze coming in from
the open windows to the balcony.  He could hear the muted sounds of
Rome.  Traffic noises were a constant so one living in Rome learned to
edit them out of his consciousness, but now that he was awake he could
make out distant sirens.

She watched him now, patiently.  And he looked at her.  A lovely,
classic beauty, one of those Italian women who always looked elegant and
self-assured, even when she sat up naked in bed at 3am.

She didn't push for an answer either.  Just waited until he was ready to
speak, and ran that reassuring hand up and down his bare back.

"They're getting worse," he said.  "It's getting worse."

"You should talk to someone, Jacob," Terza said.

"Who?" he asked with a humourless laugh.  "I am the only Bloodling in
the world."  He shivered.  "In my dreams, I am a full vampire, Terza.  A
hunter seeking prey.  What if one of these times, I don't wake up?  What
if I hurt you, in the grip of a nightmare, while dreaming I am drinking
your blood?"

"Caro, have you ever actually drunk anyone's blood?"

"Well, no.  Not yet."

"Lie down. Go back to sleep. We will drive to Florence tomorrow and you
can talk to Carmine."


"Lie back...,"  Terza said, as she pulled Jake down beside her.  "I am
not afraid of you, caro. Sleep."

But Jake was still shivering, and looked wide awake, not to mention on
the verge of tears.  Terza took his hands in hers and rubbed them, just
saying his name over and over.  Then she moved his hands, captured in
hers, to her left breast and released him.

"See," she said, "I am here, and real, and unharmed.  I am not afraid of

Jake's hands lay still for a moment, as if he was struggling with
himself.  Then the fingers of his right hand began to stray and he found
himself playing with Terza's nipple, which hardened under his touch.  He
reached across and made her other nipple follow suit, then bent his head
and kissed it and its twin.  She moaned and arched her back.

Her own hands began an exploration of Jake's body, teasing his nipples
even as he was pleasuring hers with his lips and tongue.  Her hand
traced the line of his ribs down, and his hands shadowed her movements,
stroking her abdomen, slowly inching lower.

She spread her legs for him as his fingers reached her genitals and
gasped as he began to stimulate her.

Her hands found his throbbing penis, encircled it and
began a rhythmic stroking. It was Jake's turn to gasp.

He moved closer to her, his lips seeking hers even as his fingers slid
into her, teasing her, moving in and out as she continued to stroke
him.  Their breathing deepened, grew harsher and more intense.  As his
fingers once more toyed with her genitals, Jake felt Terza shudder and
her muscles spasm then relax.

Her hands were working their own magic on his penis; it was fully erect
and quivering with anticipation.

Terza pushed Jake over onto his back and straddled him.  She guided his
penis into her and lowered herself onto it, arching her back as it
penetrated.  Jake shuddered and began to move, even as she did, his hips
rising as hers fell, his hands cupping her buttocks.

His hands clasped around her as he thrust more and more deeply, the bed
shaking beneath them as he rose and fell, rose and fell.  Her head went
back as she gasped and came, and a moment later Jake cried out in the
grips of orgasm, losing himself in the moment, in her.  She tightened
her muscles, unwilling to let him go until the job was finished, riding
out the waves of pleasure that seized them both.

When Jake finally stopped spasming, Terza pushed the sweat-damp hair off
her face and chuckled low in her throat.  "Now, do you think you can get
back to sleep?"

Jake reached up and pulled her down beside him.

She snuggled into his side and he was asleep in just moments.  She lay
awake watching him for some time before sleep took her too.