Anne Duchene

Department of Economics
University of Pennsylvania

email: duchene(at)sas(dot)upenn(dot)edu

CV (pdf)



Patent Litigation Insurance', 2015, Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming

'Patent Licensing and Entry Deterrence: The Role of Low Royalties' (with Debapriya Sen and Konstantinos Serfes), 2015, Economica, forthcoming

'Product Market Competition and the Financing of New Ventures' (with Jean-Etienne de Bettignies), 2015, Management ScienceVol. 61(8).. Online supplement.

'Patent Settlements as a Barrier to Entry' (with Konstantinos Serfes), 2012, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 21(2)

'Patent Office in Innovation Policy: Nobody's Perfect' (with Bernard Caillaud), 2011, International Journal of Industrial Organization Vol. 29(2)

'Legal and Technological Battle in Music IndustryInformation-push vs. Information-pull Technologies' (with Patrick Waelbroeck), 2006, International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 26(4)

'Marketing Digital Music: Can DRM help?' (with Martin Peitz and Patrick Waelbroeck), 2006, Communication & Strategies, Vol. 62


'A Lawyer's Place Is in the House: Legal Counsel and Sequential Tasks', under review


'Why do Venture Capitalists fire founders?'

'The Role of Patents in Venture Capital Financing'


Introduction to Microeconomics, Undergraduate, UPenn Syllabus Fall 2015 

Introductory Economics to Business Students at Wharton (Microeconomics portion), Undergraduate, UPenn Syllabus Fall 2015

Business and Economic Strategy: Game Theory and Applications, Graduate, Drexel University, Syllabus Spring 2015

Introduction to Game Theory, Undergraduate, Drexel University Syllabus Winter 2015

Industrial Organization, Undergraduate, Drexel University Syllabus Winter 2015