Thank you for visiting our lab! We are located on the Juneau campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Our research focuses on ecological questions that are relevant to fishery management and conservation, from the biology and ecology of fishes to human dimensions in fisheries.

Prospective students should contact me about opportunities in my lab, which is located at the Juneau fisheries campus. Please send a CV, unofficial transcript, and a letter of interest.

Congratulations to three lab members who were awarded funding this spring! Maggie Chan received a research grant from the UAF Center for Global Change. Emily Whitney was awarded a UAF Thesis Completion Fellowship. Doug Duncan was awarded a Ladd Macaulay Graduate Fellowship in Salmon Fisheries Research to pursue his Master's degree at UAF. (5/8/15)

Anne is a co-author on a
new paper published in Marine Policy on stakeholder views of endangered rockfish conservation.

Welcome, Rhea and Cheryl! Two new graduate students joined the lab during 2014-15. Rhea's research will focus on the movement ecology of juvenile sablefish and Cheryl will be examining trophic interactions among groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska.

Congratulations to our two recent graduates: Karson Coutre (MS) and Doug Duncan (BA)! Click here to see what they worked on at UAF and what they're doing now.