Thank you for visiting our lab! We are located on the Juneau campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Our research focuses on ecological questions that are relevant to fishery management and conservation, from the biology and ecology of fishes to human dimensions in fisheries.

Prospective students should contact me about opportunities in my lab, which is located at the Juneau fisheries campus. Please send a CV, unofficial transcript, and a letter of interest.

Welcome to our new research assistants: Katie, Helen, Zach, and Sawyer. It's exciting to have a full lab this summer!

Congratulations to Emily Whitney for successfully defending her MS thesis, titled "Trophic Ecology of Nearshore Fishes in Glacially-Influenced Estuaries of Southeast Alaska," on May 4, 2016!

Anne Beaudreau and Emily Whitney co-authored a paper on historical patterns of recreational fishing activity in Puget Sound that was published in PLOS ONE in April 2016 (available here).

Cheryl Barnes' research on Pacific halibut and arrowtooth flounder were featured in this week in the Juneau Empire and Alaska Fish Radio! 3/3/16
The Beaudreau Lab has been quite busy over the last 5 months! Here are some highlights:

Congratulations to Natura Richardson, who successfully defended her MS thesis in October 2015! Her thesis is titled "Feeding Ecology of Juvenile Sockeye Salmon in Afognak Lake, Alaska."

Did you know that Pacific cod eat seabirds? Our recent paper in Marine Ornithology documented this interesting predator-prey interaction. More here and here.