Countywide CAC Agenda Requester (Google Moderator)

Please suggest topics to discuss at future Countywide CAC meetings.  To see how federal agencies are using a similar tool, see

Note that this tool is only experimental and will probably not be continued.  A more efficient tool to solicit member feedback may be an online poll sent to members.

How-to Information

To access the full functionality of this tool, you will need to sign in to Google.  This is also true for using other Google tools.

After you sign in for the first time, you will be asked for a nickname to identify yourself.  I suggest using the name by which you want other Countywide CAC members to refer to you.  You will also be given the option to fill in a location, I suggest filling in your school name.   

If you simply want to view or vote on others' suggestions, you can skip filling in your name and click on "view suggestions."  You must be a registered Google user to vote, but otherwise your votes are anonymous.

On some computers, when you click on the box below, a pop-up will appear saying that Google Moderator includes non-secure content and ask you if you want to only download Google Moderator's secure content.  For Google Moderator to work on such computers, you will have to answer 'no."  Alternatively, you may click here, which will open up a full window with Google Moderator in it and thus avoid the pop-up (as well as provide you with more screen space to use the Countywide CAC Agenda Helper).

Countywide CAC Agenda Requests

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