Anna Schubarth is the author of the YA fantasy novel Solerna, and xe regularly serves as ghost writer for hir pack of dogs and their friends, most notably in hir collection of Children’s value tales, The Schubark Chronicles: Tales of Wagging Tails, In Their Own Words.  Xe has multiple works published in collegiate literary magazines and has served as editor and staff writer for a satirical, unauthorized newspaper.  Xe is presently working as a special education teacher at a state correctional facility.

Xe currently lives with hir spouse, six attack-Chihuahuas and a pride of yard cats in a slice of rural Floridian paradise.  When xe isn't teaching or writing, xe battles thistle invasions in hir garden and raises chickens in hir bathtub. 

Projects in progress include:

  • Writing hir second YA novel, Kith
  • Ghost writing a second volume of short stories for children
  • Maintaining hir personal blog
  • Shameless self-promotion
  • Teaching at a Correctional Facility