Teaching Artifacts

Fall Work Sample - 7th Grade Social Studies

I completed my fall work sample during my practicum teaching experience in a 7th grade social studies classroom.  I taught 12 lessons, plus gave a pre- and post-test, on the topic "Christianity and Islam."  Throughout my lesson planning I focused on student-centered teaching methods that challenged my students to think critically about the role that religion plays in history and in the world today.  Throughout the unit I focused heavily on respecting diversity, including  teaching about respectful language during discussions, activities that compared and contrasted Christianity and Islam, and a lesson devoted to debunking stereotypes.  Please see the full work sample here.

SIOP Unit Plan - 5th Grade Social Studies

I developed this unit plan for the class "Planning and Implementing ESOL Methods and Materials."  The lessons were developed for a 5th grade social studies unit about the Stamp Act, with a focus on colonial resistance to taxation without representation."  The content-area unit was designed using SIOP elements to make it accessible to ELLs taught in the mainstream classroom.  A variety of learning strategies and language objectives cater to the unique needs of ELLs.  Download the PDF here.

Anna Rodgers,
Jan 21, 2012, 1:39 PM