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Community High School Walking Tours 2019

Wednesday, May 7, 2019

Tours 1 – 5a meet on Playground behind Community High, near south door.
Tours 6 – 11 meet on the Division Street side of Community High.

If it is raining students and tour guides will assemble inside the appropriate front and back doors.

The first group of 13 tours will start at 10:00 am and end at 11:00 am.

Community High’s time slot is 9:35 – 11:15 am. 

The second group of 13 tours will start at 12:30 or earlier if their whole group is accounted for. It will end at 1:30 pm. 

Community High’s time slot is 12:05 to 1:45 pm. 

There will be no more than 10 students per tour. 

Community High will decide who will go on each tour.
With 13 tours, 10 x 13 = 130 students for each morning and afternoon set of tours. Not all students will have two tours.

Projects and Subjects of Interest
As a project, students may do an oral history on their own family and how that family experience intersects with what they saw on the tour. (Ann Arbor Community Center story)

Encourage students to use the website: www.aadl.org/aastreets

Make students make connections with what they are learning and what they have seen on the tour.

Subjects of Interest
African American Civil rights
Women’s Rights
Native Americans
Latino Civil Rights
Community High also wants to focus on Social Justice
Tour                   Tour-Guide                Tour Description
Tour 1 Ina Hanel-GerdenichAllen Creek Valley, Industry, German Americans -Resource: Mark Hodesh 
Tour 1a     Jessica Letaw Main Street, Banking, Business, and Shopping-Resource: Jon Carlson, Greg Lobdell, Jim Curtis
Tour 2  Tim Sabo Courthouse Square as the Center of Town - Resource: Larry Kastenbaum  
Tour 3 Patrick McCauley       The Supply Side of Town-Resource: Shirley Beckley, Jean Dixon Winborn
 Tour 4   Christine Crockett Labor, Ethnic Change, The Supply Side of Town-Resource: Shirley Beckley
 Tour 5 Grace Shackman Huron River Valley, Power, Transportation, Factories, Anti-Slavery- Resource: Shirley Beckley
 Tour 5a Tom Stulburg Huron River Valley, Power, Transporation, Factories, Anti-Slavery- Resource: Shirley Beckley
 Tour 6 Janis Bobrin County and City Government-Resource: Ingrid Sheldon
 Tour 7 Jan Newman Residential Life, Schools, and Churches, Libraries-Resource:
 Tour 8 Ann Schriber 
Ellen Ramsburgh
 Churches and Schools, Libraries, Residential Life-Resource:
 Tour 9 Susan Nenadic Growth of the University,    Social and Cultural Change-Resource: Alan Haber
 Tour 10 Pamela Graff Social and Cultural Change, Growth of the University--Resource: Russ Collins, Alan Haber
 Tour 11 Nancy DeWolf Town and Gown: Entertainment and Changing Culture--Resource: Russ Collins