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  • Schedule for 2016 Friday Night Skates:
    • May TBA, June TBA, July TBA, August TBA. Meet at 6:30, skate at 7 pm.
  • Schedule for 2016 Saturday/Sunday Skates:
    • TBA

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The Ann Arbor Friday Night Skate occurs on the first Friday of each month (from May to August) and is "no drop" group skate open to anyone with basic braking and turning skills.  We typically skate 8 to 12 miles, with frequent stops to let everyone catch up.  We usually go out for dinner afterward.  Cyclists are very welcome (remember to bring a lock if you're staying for dinner).

Meet at the large flagpole on the North side of the UM Diag by 6:45ish, so that the skate can start by 7 pm.

Map showing the starting location:

Parking is generally available on the streets around UM Central Campus.  Check the meter to see if it needs feeding after 6pm. If you don't want to drive around looking for parking, here is a map showing some lots/structures:

The Friday Night Route  (the traditional route, but not necessarily the one we'll skate)

The Saturday/Sunday Social Skate & Bike is a relaxed lunch skate, traditionally in the "off-season" (fall and spring).  We meet at Gallup Park in the parking lot just south of the big wooden (car) bridge.  We will skate/bike the 8 mile Washtenaw Border-to-Border trail to Depot Town in Ypsilanti, have lunch, then return.  Skaters: this is a "no drop" group skate open to anyone with basic braking and turning skills.  We will make frequent stops to let everyone catch up.  Cyclists are very welcome to join us. (Cyclists - please remember to bring a lock.)

Saturday Skate Route

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Ann Arbor Skate 7/11/08
Sally's Ann Arbor Skate pix 10/11/08
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DISCLAIMER: Note that the "Ann Arbor Inline Skating Group" is not actually an organized group, rather it's this web page and the people who show up to skate.  Since there is no organization conducting these skates, you will be responsible for your own safety.  Skating authorities typically recommend that all city inline skaters should carry medical and liability insurance and should wear protective gear (i.e., helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and, at night, reflective clothing and blinking lights).  Please also be advised that there are particular inherent risks of injury involved in city inline skating, including, but not limited to: cars, bicycles, other skaters, pedestrians, potholes, manhole covers, chains, trolley tracks, cobblestones, bad pavement, water, oil, debris, gravel, curbs, stairs, hills and inclines.  This list of possible risks is not comprehensive, because conditions on the street, including the weather, are constantly changing.  Please note that neither the maintainers of this web page nor any other skaters attending a skate accept any liability for the existence of any such risks.  Ultimately, each skater is responsible for staying alert to potential risks and obeying all traffic regulations.  You should possess and master a set of minimum skate skills before participating in any Ann Arbor group skates, including but not limited to: the ability to skate in control, especially on hills; to stop in traffic; to maneuver curbs; and to avoid obstacles.

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