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Board of Directors

: Melanie McNicholas [e-mail]  

Presides at all meetings, appoints committees approves all contracts involving more than $500. (Biannually elected in even years) 

Vice-President: John Lasecki  [e-mail]
Chairman of the Membership Committee, responsible for all correspondence, documents, and activities related to membership status and attendance, acts as stand-in for president as needed. (Biannually elected in odd years)
Contact for new member information and applications.

Secretary: Don Lee  [e-mail]
Conducts all correspondence for the Club, gives written notice of meetings, provides written notice of changes to the Operating Rules and of proposed changes to the By-Laws, keeps minutes of all meetings, responsible for organizing, filing, and storing all Club documents and records including bank statements and audits. (Biannually elected in odd years)

Treasurer: Matt Unsworth  [e-mail]
Collects all monies due the Club, pays all bills, maintain fund records, responsible for all governmental reports, responsible for all financial records.(Biannually elected in odd years)

Flight Supervisor: Alexander Mihlstin [e-mail]
Supervises the flying activities of all members, maintains aircraft schedules, assist in new member familiarization, enforces Operating Rules pertaining to Aircraft operation and inform the Board of any violations thereof, responsible for the maintenance of the Club's Aircraft, maintains airplane and engine log books as required by FAA regulations. (Biannually elected in even years)

Details of each board member's functions are specified in the ByLaws.

Ann Arbor Flyers.  801 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108