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Cost of membership

Initiation fee
$200 - A one time fee associated with processing the membership application.  Of this fee $100 is non-refundable after acceptance into the club and is committed to set up the member accounts, establish aircraft reservation privileges, secure the hanger key, etc.   The second $100 is applied to aircraft costs associated with the introductory flight.  Any unused portion of funds will be applied to the member's account toward the first month member dues. 

Equity share 
$3,500 - Purchases a share of the aircraft owned by the club.  Your equity is fully refundable to you if you leave the club  provided you have been a member in good standing for not less than one year.   (For a summary of the club philosophy regarding aircraft financing and equity charges, see the FAQ.)  

Monthly dues 
$120 - Covers the fixed costs of aircraft ownership, such as insurance, hangar rental, annual inspections, licenses, etc.  There is a $7 credit for attendance at the quarterly meeting and the monthly wash and wax parties. 

Full insurance coverage is included for all club members - you need not purchase any additional "renters insurance".

Hourly flight charges
Aircraft usage charges are determined from actual flight time only - there are no daily or weekly minimum charges.  All rental rates are "wet" (i.e. include fuel) and you can be reimbursed for fuel purchased off-field.  Time is based on Tach (engine tachometer) time, which is typically 10 - 15% lower than the Hobbs meter (battery master on) time charged for aircraft rentals elsewhere.

Aircraft rates (wet) 

1113U  1989 - Archer II $114.00
419W  1995 - Archer III $114.00
5337S  2002 - Archer III $114.00
4339L  1984 - Saratoga $184.00

Fuel reimbursement: $5.18/gal

Updated Jun. 8, 2015
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