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Application process

New Applicant Checklist 

  1. Download the Application Form, and read the By-Laws and Operating Rules 

  2. Fill out the application form and, along with a $200 deposit, either bring to a meeting or mail to Ann Arbor Flyers, 801 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108. Once the application and initiation fee are received, you will be placed on the waiting list*. 

  3. Be introduced to the membership at a membership meeting (once in each calendar quarter). Try to attend each meeting thereafter. 

  4. Obtain a 3rd Class (or better) medical certificate. Names of FAA medical examiners can be obtained here: http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/. 

  5. Meet with the membership committee. This meeting will be coordinated by the Vice President as you move toward the top of the waiting list (there will be a wait list only if membership is already at maximum). There are several purposes for this meeting. From the club's perspective, it is an opportunity to review your paperwork and discuss your goals and objectives. From your perspective, it is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the club or the requirements of membership. 

  6. Complete an introductory flight in an AAF airplane. The Vice President will arrange for your flight with a club instructor. This is not a checkout for existing pilots, but is an opportunity for the club to assess your attitude and flying skills.  It also allows you to meet a club instructor and to get a firsthand view of our aircraft. (The costs for the use of the aircraft will be deducted from your application deposit. 

  7. You will be asked to attend the next general meeting. At this meeting, the membership committee will, in closed session, make a recommendation to the membership regarding your application. The opinion of the instructor who gave your introductory flight will be considered by the membership.  Prior to voting on your application, you will be introduced to the club members and asked to converse about your flying interests. This will also be your opportunity to ask questions of the general membership. Finally, a vote will then be taken in closed session. 

  8. If you are voted into membership, you will be required to pay the Treasurer your equity share.  This should be done at the same meeting in which the vote is taken on your membership. The equity share is refundable when you leave the club, provided you have been a member in good standing for not less than one year. 

  9. Meet with the Flight supervisor for an orientation session at the airport.  You will be given your keys to the hanger at this time and briefed on the club operating procedures.  The flight supervisor can also provide a list of club instructors and discuss how to get checked out in the aircraft you wish to fly.   Although you are not obligated to use any particular club instructor for your training, any instruction given in a club aircraft must be given by a club instructor.  Instruction fees are negotiated with and paid directly to the instructor by you. 

*Your position on the waiting list is based on the following criteria: Applicants are placed on the waiting list in the order that their application and initiation fees are received by the club. Inactive members have priority over previous members, who have priority over new applicants. 

Ann Arbor Flyers, 801 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108