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The SCA's most visible if not most noisy activity is our Heavy Armoured Combat in the form of the highly structured tournament and the chaotic fun of full 'wars'.

As an extreme combat sport participation in this may be the most adrenaline the average individual ever experiences.

There are now also Rapier and also Missile combatants.

Training and the correct equipment is required for all such activities as we take safety very seriously and pride ourselves in this.

Accordingly training is also available for our refereeing/safety folks, whom we call Marshals.

Standards for all this are linked below. All are welcome to participate. We can train, equip and teach anyone
how to safely enjoy one of the most exciting activities you will ever experience.


Marshals' Handbook for Heavy Combat, Combat Archery, and Siege; revised March, 2018
Rapier Combat Handbook pdf revised October 2015
SCA Target Archery Rules pdf updated Oct. 2003

SCA Thrown Weapon Rules pdf updated Sept. 2003

Youth Combat

Bellatrix Fighting School  An excellent fighting manual by one of the best. From the Introduction: "The style of fighting described in this text is a "power" style. This does not mean that it is meant exclusively for the use of large, powerful people. Rather, the style is constructed such that it develops power, and with that power, speed. It is actually a style for people who lack power and speed. If a person already has power and speed, so much the better, but for the rest of us, it is quite useful."

Here are some videos relevant to SCA combat.

What IS SCA Combat?

SCA Rapier Combat

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