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(Done) Ulrich's Shoes

posted Jan 1, 2016, 1:41 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir
Ulrich made a pair of Viking turnsole shoes, based on the workshop Freydis gave on Dec. 2nd (further info). They turned out very well.

They are a two-piece construction (top and sole), sewn together inside-out and then inverted so the seam around the sole is protected inside the shoe. The bulk of the construction went very quickly (he returned with them sewn together in just a few days).

He found the single layer, leather sole a bit too thin for comfort, though, so he cut out a second sole of the same material and inserted it loose into the shoe; this he then topped with felted wool (done by his lady, Olivia). The felting is about a centimetre thick, and as the shoe came out just a little loose, he has the felting extending up the sides of the shoe slightly, to fill it out to make it more aesthetically pleasing and so his heel doesn't slip out. As he also required a little more arch support (this design has none), be cut out an additional small pad of the felt and after some tweaking got it to the right shape and location in the shoe, just below the larger felted insole. He says they are now the most comfortable shoes he has ever had.

He has closed them with a home-made leather toggle (further info). They look very handsome!

Pictures showing so will follow shortly.