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(Done) Alvena's Dress and Doll by Freydis Heimdallson

posted Nov 14, 2015, 8:24 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Nov 20, 2015, 12:36 PM by Mikhail H- ]
I made this dress for the Barony feast the other weekend, as she's outgrown the Norse outfit I made for her several years ago. It's a basic T-tunic dress, made of cotton, with a keyhole neckline and reasonably non-period trim, but the best I could do locally. If I can find child-sized turtle brooches for her I may make her an apron; the ones I made for her previous to this (when she was a few months old and another, larger version from when she was about three or so) just used patterned brass buttons about an inch across, but they'd be a bit small. I've seen child-sized ones; I just need to track them down. But for now, this works well.

It's full-length, but hemmed to just touch the top of her foot, so she can run freely and dance in it without having to hike it up, although of course she does need to for going up stairs. The cuffs are cut several inches too long, with the ends at the selvedge edge, and turned under (and stitched into place along the seam); this will allow me to lengthen her sleeves as she grows fairly easily. It'll show there more than at the hem.

The belt's just a me-sized one, which makes a nice long one for her when knotted nicely.

I had also made her a doll some time ago, but never got around to making it any clothes (I was going to make it from some of the scrap from making her three-years-old dress, to give you an idea how long I've been putting this off, ha ha). Happily I had enough left-over cotton from this latest one to finally do it, although I kind of think she now needs a belt as well.

The dress itself is the same cotton, of course, with the neckline, cuffs, and hem blanket-stitched with some embroidery thread I had kicking around that went nicely with it (cuffs and hem turned). The neck is actually a little larger than I meant it to be originally because I accidentally caught the back of it as well when I started to cut the front lower, so I had to go with that. However, it makes that head easier to get through, so. It's held shut with three strands of purple embroidery thread, braided into a lace. Started with the same yellow but over the yellow blanket stitching, it just looked confused.

The "brooches" are very pretty little buttons, with multicoloured glass beads for the necklaces. The cloak is just red felt, blanket-stitched all the way around to finish it, with two more of the same buttons and a bit more felt as a clasp. I have some copper wire here and briefly flirted with making a simple periannular brooch, but decided against the stuck fingers she'd get.

The boots are also felt, stitched up with a single thread of embroidery floss, and laced up with more of the yellow, again three strands braided. They have to be tied on fairly tightly as her heels aren't actually at ninety degrees, but it looks fine.

The doll herself (whom Alvena named Astrid, probably because of "How To Train Your Dragon", but it's a period name and was almost hers, heh) is unbleached cotton. I don't remember for sure now but I suspect I sewed most of her head together first and then embroidered on her features, so I could line them up properly. She's stuffed with modern polyester batting rather than cotton or wool, so she'd dry out properly if she got wet (or had to be washed) without going mildewy or losing her shape.

Her hair is wool; I threaded it onto her head in more-or-less the shape of an upside down W so I could have the centre part at the back with the two braids; unless you hoist the braid up you can't tell it's not her whole head.

Next up garb-wise will probably be a new tunic for Karl for Twelfth Night; he's outgrown his as well and our adult stuff is still a bit too big for him. But I've got a while to make that.